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Sep 6, 2018 9:53:42 AM

A Master's Degree for successful Law graduates? Without a doubt in the fashion business

The precariousness of the world of work in the legal sector is at historic highs. The Faculty of Law, always seen as one of the most difficult ones to deal with but also one that can provide considerable training, is packed with talented young people looking for a job in the legal field. This is, therefore, an intense and tiring path that the young student decides to do, hoping to receive in return the workplace of his or her dreams. There is a problem, however, the market in question is overloaded with lawyers and large law firms almost impossible to undermine or counteract. This leads them to the limit of exploitation and to the impossibility of working with an adequate salary. What to do, therefore, with a degree in law in hand? The passable roads wind in two directions. In this article we explain what they are and what they entail. Enjoy the reading!




The first way to go is called specialization. Nowadays finding a job as a civil lawyer in a large studio is not easy and, if it happens, the compensation would not be equal to the amount of work required. In the past decades, when becoming a lawyer was simpler and faster, they created solid and recognized legal realities, which are currently difficult to obscure for a young lawyer who has just been assigned to the job. Despite the individual's tenacity and skill, starting a legal career in our country seems to be anything but simple.

If you think about the difficulty of the subject and the sacrifices made to achieve this goal, to remain without a job or with a precarious and underpaid employment are not two options to be taken into consideration. In order to have a chance in this area it is therefore necessary to continue studying and specialize in an area that has not been beaten by the old guard's law firms.

 The masters to be taken into consideration are:

  • Master in forensic science.
  • Master for online consumer rights. This matter acquires more and more weight every day, given the growth of online communication channels and therefore the spread of personal data and their improper use.
  • Master in specialization in anti-corruption and transparency. A specialization like this is very useful in the field of public tenders with central and local administrations.

The secret is therefore the specialization. If your intent is to make a career as a lawyer or, at least, cover the role for which you have worked so hard, you should try this way. Distinguishing from the mass gives a considerable added value.


The change of course

The other way to follow is that of a change of course. As seen previously, it is very difficult for a young law student to enter the world of work in his specific field. This does not mean that the years of study undertaken are to be thrown away, instead: our advice is to use them to bring value to other areas.

If the possibility of practicing the profession of lawyer is remote, the best solution is to choose another way that leads to their professional achievement. The world of fashion is, as we explain in detail in the article “Degree in law and Master in fashion? That's why you can do it!”. The most appropriate area for this change of course.

If you want to learn more about it, schedule a call with us. We can provide  you with all the answer you need.


Fashion is one of the Italian excellences that we export most in the world. Its reach is incredibly high and it is a sector that employs a lot of young people who are taken up by the most disparate environments. For this reason, a training path such as the legal one is a great business card to enter professionally in the fashion sector. First of all, the legal and civil concepts acquired can be exploited in everyday work, especially if you do managerial and managerial tasks. Secondly, the university of jurisprudence is in itself a school of life that tests the student both physically and mentally: it is not by chance that it is considered one of the most demanding faculties at the level of study and topics covered.

To complete the path and develop a career in the fashion world, however, it is necessary to increase the knowledge in this field and to enter the mechanisms that underlie the management of large fashion companies. Milano Fashion Institute’s masters do just that and are divided into three main areas: business, communication and product.

The possibilities that they offer are many and unraveled among professions such as the brand manager or the social media marketing manager of a great fashion brand. The inclusion in the company is then also facilitated by the period of training in the field that Milano Fashion Institute provides in each master. Internships in fashion are essential, which is why internship is an important part of our specialized training courses. Moreover, if you want to further investigate the legal issue in the field of fashion, MFI offers a short ad hoc course: “Fashion Law”.


With this article we want to reassure you and tell you that your course of study is worth, and that you can still do a lot with your law degree. We hope to have directed you to the road best suited to your aspirations with these tips. If you want to receive more information about the professional masters offered by Milano Fashion Institute, contact us here and ask us all the questions you want! Our team will be happy to help you.

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