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Aug 24, 2023 9:25:06 AM

Best Fashion Schools in Italy: choose the right path


The fashion system is constantly evolving: it becomes an increasingly complex world in which it is unthinkable to think of entering without solid preparation behind it. If in fact, it is true that some great fashions have studied anything else (take Armani and his studies in Medicine or Balestra who studied Civil Engineering), nowadays the figures that move the industry are increasingly highly qualified and specialized.

If your dream is to make a career in fashion, then, you will have to combine your talent with high-level training in one of the best fashion schools in Italy. But which one to choose?

What are the best fashion schools in Italy?

Inquiring online or from friends and acquaintances you will surely find discordant opinions: there are those who think in one way and those in another and, from time to time, the fashion schools that are suggested to you are always different. At that point you may find yourself more confused than before, unable to make a decision.

To choose among the best fashion schools in Italy, ask yourself 3 basic questions:

- What subjects can I specialize in at this school?
- In what kind of context will I move?
- What will be my prospects?

Each of these questions, in fact, includes fundamental points to consider when choosing a fashion school: they are points that will allow you, in an objective way, to really find the right path for you, your future, and your career.

1. Look at the training offer

Knowing in which subjects you can specialize allows you to understand the variety and quality of the educational offer of a school: an essential aspect that must ensure that you can count on a broad educational plan that includes what you feel most in your ropes, always in the fashion field.

Be careful, though. It is not a question of choosing a school that "does a bit of everything": on the contrary, the school you choose must be vertically specialized in fashion. Rather, it will be important that the courses offered, while still related to the fashion world, touch different facets, deepening various perspectives.

2. Be inspired by an international context

It's true, in Italy we have names of excellence for what concerns fashion. However, in an interconnected and globalized world like ours, you can't just stay within your borders. That's why you have to choose a school that allows you to get in touch with different cultures, languages, trends, and mentalities, from all over the world.

An international context will make you grow and stimulate your creativity, allowing you to enrich your wealth of experiences not only academic and professional but also personal.

3. Consider your future prospects

Many of the best fashion schools in Italy manage to give you very good theoretical training. Despite this, what is missing is very often a practical part, directly carried out in the field. Being able to "touch" what work in the fashion industry really is, with all its peculiarities, which cannot be studied with any manual.

For this reason, look for a fashion school that allows you to gain experience already during your studies through a curricular internship: in this way, you can be sure of being able to put into practice everything you have learned so far, so as to improve and grow.

Our tip: the Masters of Milano Fashion Institute

Choosing can be difficult, but it becomes less scary when you know you can rely on someone to guide you in the first steps of your new path.

At Milano Fashion Institute we believe that everyone has a talent to put to good use: for this reason, our Academic Tutors take care from the beginning of making an orientation interview that allows each future student to find the most suitable path to his potential.

Our Masters focus exclusively on the world of fashion and luxury: each of the 6 masters explores a different aspect of the fashion world, to train the specialists of the future at 360 °. Our courses of study are attended by students from all over the world and that is why they take place largely in English, now an international language.

In each master, there are 480 hours of internship at the biggest fashion brands, Italian and international. Just a few names: Versace, Bulgari, Armani, Ralph Lauren, and Kering. But also there are many others that we could list. Already during the master, in short, our students have the opportunity to enter the fashion system and start building the career of their dreams.

If you also want to become a fashion specialist or simply have some questions, do not hesitate to contact us: fill out the form on this page and we will be happy to answer you!

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