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Aug 11, 2020 1:00:00 PM

Best fashion schools in Italy for fashion business? Find out MFI and all its programs.


What's behind a fashion brand? What's behind a fashion show? How many work teams are there? The business! Some time ago we explained how the business is very much in line with Milanese thinking and how it makes the whole world of fashion move.

How many professionals are there in this sector?

Managing the business of a Fashion Company means to combine fashion marketing, fashion management and fashion retail. In the Master in Fashion Direction: Brand & Business Management more than one discipline will be merged, in order to train the most qualified and innovative professional figures who will be responsible for the business management in the world of fashion and luxury.

The professional figures formed by the Master in Brand & Business Management will be able to plan and manage the distribution and the off-line and online marketing: from the DOS of international brands to the department stores, fast-fashion retailers, and online e-tailers. They are Junior and qualified profiles who will support the processes of buying, retail merchandising, digital management, CRM management, visual merchandising, store management and omni-channel management. The profiles can, therefore, qualify as junior figures such as: Buyer, Retail, Merchandiser, Merchandise Planner, Retail Marketing Manager, E-commerce Manager, Digital Brand Manager, CRM Manager, Junior Store Manager, Omni-channel Manager.

Through the optional "Sustainability Management" track, the profiles will also have management skills related to the company CSR and can qualify as Sustainability Management, and Corporate Social Responsibility Manager (CSR Manager).

Since this is an highly innovative area, the potential of the profile will be developed through a selection process facilitating participants coming from different educational background, in order to create within the classroom all the skills and competencies that are typical of cross-functional company teams. In addition, the different backgrounds make it possible to create conditions for the development of interdisciplinary skills and competences of "creative retail management", able to trigger a nimble approach to creative and analytical issues. Skilled! Within this master, you can find specialized courses in this sector.

Fashion Business Management

The module will introduce students to business management process. Specifically, it will analyze the interaction between the management of brand values and their translation into the retail strategy.

Omnichannel Strategy

The module aims to provide a comprehensive and interdisciplinary approach of the current channels and retail formats in the fashion / luxury / design industry, along with the key indicators of economic performance of the retail and wholesale processes. During the course, students will analyze the main formats that are present today in the industry, with the aim to understand the uniqueness of each of them, also in relation to the context of the relevant market.

Merchandising & Buying

The module aims to examine the basic elements of the definition of the collection structure through a merchandising plan to the management and planning of the buying, exhibition and communication of the products with the final consumer.

And many other activities are present within this master. If we have intrigued you, write us and we will be more than happy to give you all the explanations you need.

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