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Sep 29, 2022 4:54:53 PM

Best majors for fashion industry: institute or university?


"Fashion is not just a trivial interest, but a real indicator of where a culture is going." This is how Harvard University, one of the most recognized universities in the world, expresses itself. Fashion, therefore, should not be considered just a hobby, but an indicator of cultural inspiration such as theater, cinema, or music. Because, like other artistic disciplines, it is a representation of our society.

In Italy, the realities that allow us to study in depth the dynamics of fashion are more and more numerous, as well as the young people who dream of a future in this field are increasing. Given the wide offer, aspiring fashion designers are overwhelmed by indecision and confusion about which university and course of study to attend. The question therefore arises spontaneously: "How to choose the best majors for fashion industry?"

If you have asked yourself the question at least once, then you have found the right article for you. Read on to discover the didactic plans of Milano Fashion Institute and what are the parameters to consider for an informed choice.

Training in the fashion field: the parameters to be taken into consideration

The fashion sector, following a difficult period such as that of the health emergency, is aware that it owes its relaunch to the creativity and enthusiasm of emerging talents. Young people play a fundamental role in the fashion market and need adequate preparation to be up to the task.

What are the parameters for choosing the best major for fashion industry?

  • Make sure of the validity and completeness of the course, to undertake a mature and specific training path, which highlights the characteristics of the individual designer. For this it is necessary to rely on specialized Masters, in which you can learn all the necessary knowledge to get in direct contact with the world of fashion.
  • Understand what the link between the university and companies is operating in the sector. A fundamental factor for informing oneself about the future opportunities guaranteed by the fashion school. Surely the presence of well-known brands or companies of the fashion system, within the channel or website of the institute, is useful to indicate the relevance of the training offer. This means investing in a course of study which, through practical projects and workshops, paves the way for collaborations with the most influential fashion houses.
  • Find out about the level of placement guaranteed by the institution. After understanding the relationship with companies in the sector, the second step involves a greater understanding of the placement rate, i.e. how many students have found work or which have actually been hired by the university's brand partners. This information allows us to clarify which institutions represent a business card.
  • Last but not least, decide on the city to attend classes and, if necessary, move to. The choice of the place that hosts the school is as important as the institution itself, since it plays a decisive role in personal, artistic, and professional development. Milan, together with Paris, are the fashion capitals par excellence. Two large cities that, within them, contain infinite worlds of opportunities and stimulating initiatives to develop their own creative vein.


Milano Fashion Institute: the university that trains the fashion designers of tomorrow

Founded in 2007 by the City of Milan, Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana (the Italian Fashion Council), together with a pool of Milanese Universities, Milano Fashion Institute stands out for its excellent multidisciplinary teaching.

From economic and managerial notions to creative design and development of lateral thinking, the institute encompasses all the parameters seen so far. It represents an opportunity for professional growth thanks to the faculty, the Career Service and the ministerial recognition of all the Masters. But also on a personal level, as it allows you to live a whole year in Milan, the beating heart of the fashion system and the financial capital of luxury.

There are numerous partnerships and collaborations with qualified companies in the sector, including: National Chamber of Italian Fashion, Gucci, Balenciaga, Armando Testa, Alexander McQueen and many other renowned brands, agencies and ateliers.

To further tighten the relationship between training and placement, Milano Fashion Institute offers students the opportunity to follow ad hoc project activities, benefit from curricular internships and take advantage of talent scouting thanks to scholarships.

Are you interested in attending Courses and Masters specialized in the field of fashion? Contact us for more information and find out which address is most suitable for you.

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