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Sep 4, 2021 10:05:50 AM

Business of fashion & beauty: how to get a job in this sector


The fashion business world is full of sectors, with many areas and characteristics that make it so fascinatingly creative. It does not limit itself to clothing and accessories, but also extends to cosmetics and personal care products for example.

Luxury cosmetics in particular are receiving increasing attention from consumers and subsequently also from brands. These fashion houses are now entering the cosmetics game offering a sensational experience, through meticulous attention to every detail.

So how can you get to know the field of luxury cosmetics and start to build a satisfying career in this sector?

The Concept

Just like clothing collections, luxury cosmetics place a big weight on the brand concept and the emotional thrust that can be transmitted to the consumer. For high-end products, it is necessary to load the merchandise with a unique element that reaches straight to the public’s heart.

Aspects like these are crucial and must be firmly instilled in the minds of those who intend to work on creating such products: the professionals behind a luxury cosmetic must know their target audience well, to be able to fully satisfy their requirements.

We always start from an idea, a concept, which then expands and forms the basis on which the upcoming product or cosmetic line will be developed. A multidisciplinary and transversal training is fundamental for a career in this field, there are many aspects to consider and having a complete vision certainly helps to succeed better in your work.

What training path should you choose to work with luxury cosmetics?

As mentioned, the training required for professionals within the world of luxury cosmetics goes beyond the classic preparation that characterizes the more traditional fashion world. Numerous skills are required, even regardless of the specific role one intends to cover.

Milano Fashion Institute offers Masters and Courses designed to give a complete and transversal knowledge, to train figures who know how to fit well into multiple roles within the working world of fashion, including those specifically related to luxury cosmetics.

In particular, the Master in Fashion Direction: Brand & Lifestyle Management starts from the assumption that today, consumers are increasingly demanding and looking for real lifestyle brands: ranging from fashion in the clothing sense to other sectors such as cosmetics. This Master, therefore, includes multidisciplinary activities, alternating theory and practice such as courses on Brand Extension & Merchandising, Research Methods & Trends and much more.

The Master in Fashion Direction: Brand & Product Management, on the other hand, is designed to train professionals who can contribute to the brand and collection development processes. Since these are figures which require broad and complete training, the Master consists of courses and activities ranging from sociology to design, passing through project management.

At the end

Luxury cosmetics is becoming increasingly popular, being appreciated not only by a niche audience but also by masses of passionate consumers who decide to dip their toes within the luxury segment. Given the growth of this sector, it is inevitable that the demand for competent, well prepared professionals who know how to actively contribute to the construction of successful products and brands will also increase.

Milano Fashion Institute accompanies students with complete training courses that give the right mix between notions and experience in the field, thanks to internships in important companies in the sector. If you are curious to understand which could be the best way for you, which allows you to learn and make a career in the field of luxury cosmetics, do not hesitate to contact us: we will be happy to answer your doubts and help you find what you are looking for.

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