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Oct 30, 2023 5:23:06 PM

Cool Hunter: find out more about this professional figure


Among the recent and particular job figures that are emerging in the fashion world, one in particular is cooler than you can imagine.

But, while dreaming is fundamental, fashion is also a demanding industry, where innovation and tradition are constantly intertwined. Entering this world requires talent, of course, but also preparation and competence. Being passionate, in fact, is not enough: it is the right training that makes the difference, which allows you to move from simple spectators to real protagonists of the fashion system.

All you need is an open mind and your eyes ready to capture what others don't see to turn you into one of the most sought-after figures by companies: The Cool Hunter.

In this article, Milano Fashion Institute will guide you to discover this profession to tell you what it does and, above all, how to become a successful Cool Hunter.

Cool Hunter: what it does and why it's important for the fashion system

Have you ever walked into a room and immediately noticed a detail that everyone else had overlooked? Or do you have an innate talent for picking up and adapting to new trends, even before they become mainstream?

If you recognize yourself in these descriptions, you may already have the soul of a Cool Hunter: the professional figure who does not just follow trends but anticipates them. The Cool Hunter goes beyond the traditional world of catwalks and shops to analyze society in depth, passing through cultures and subcultures.

A Cool Hunter is the figure who, during a trip to Tokyo, manages to spot a small shop that sells unique accessories, or who, walking through the streets of Paris, glimpses an emerging lifestyle ready to become the next big trend.

If you've always felt that you have that sixth sense, that ability to see beyond, and a strong desire to explore and understand the world around you, always with a notepad or camera ready to go, then you may be on your way to becoming the next Cool Hunter.

Hone your skills with Milano Fashion Institute

Therefore, we have established that curiosity is the DNA of this professional figure and that the ability to grasp the nuances is fundamental. But how can you transform yourself from a budding Cool Hunter to one sought after by the most prestigious fashion houses? Here are 5 characteristics that this role cannot fail to have and how Milano Fashion Institute can help you develop them in the best possible way:

- Quick intuition. Having the ability to act quickly on your instincts can make all the difference. By attending our lessons, through simulations and case studies, you will be trained to trust your instincts and translate them into concrete actions.
- Empathy and listening skills. Fashion is not just about clothes or accessories, it is attentive to people's desires. Understanding their emotions and needs is everything: for this reason, our Masters will give you the opportunity to interact with a large community, so as to learn the art of listening and understanding the most varied needs.
- Networking skills. Fashion is a complex network in which creatives, entrepreneurs, and brand ambassadors "associate" and relate to each other. By attending exclusive events and workshops, you will be able to forge valuable connections and build a strong network of contacts in the industry.
- Open-mindedness. Every trend is born from an idea, often unexpected. With our interdisciplinary classes and an international and stimulating learning environment, you will always be driven to explore new perspectives and think outside the box.
- Digital expertise. What would fashion be without technology? All Milano Fashion Institute Masters pay particular attention to the development of strong digital skills – both operational and managerial – to provide you with the background that will accompany you in your future career.

To become a great Cool Hunter, what matters is your dynamism. Just like Elio Fiorucci, who dedicated his artistic life to creating and building trends, becoming – in fact – the first Cool Hunter, you too, with the right training, can aspire to find the next trend in fashion.

Through an educational path that blends theory and practice, our 6 Masters include course that combine management, design, communication, lifestyle and sustainability, all aimed specifically at the exclusive context of fashion and luxury. And when we talk about international experience, we really mean: not only faculty and partnerships with global institutions like FIT in New York, but also a student community from over 35 nations.

Internationality and comparison will be your trump cards to become the Cool Hunter able to anticipate the tastes of the moment. If you are interested in receiving more information about our Courses and the classes you will attend, please fill out the contact form on this page.

Our Tutors are looking forward to meeting you and are at your disposal to answer all your questions and curiosities.

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