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Aug 22, 2017 2:53:02 PM

Degree in law and master in fashion? That's why you can do it!

Thinking of equating these two areas is practically impossible, we are talking about law against fashion! But this enormous variety of area is not enough to stop a law graduate from changing the course. In this article we explain why it is possible to change the career in the race and why the master in fashion can be a great alternative to the "lawyer" life.


Route change

There are some training paths that require more tenacity, dedication and time than others. Some of them are seen as real life choices: the medical career is not, for example, so easy to leave behind; the same applies to legal career. The time takes to train adequately is a lot - in both cases the graduated will go through extremely delicate activities that involve people's lives and health - as well as physical and psychic resources. It is generally difficult to think of a change of course after graduating, but this reversal is more and more frequent.

One factor could be a change of prospects dictated by personal growth. Ultimately, the university course begins at an age in which ideas are not yet fully formed and ends up with a wealth of knowledge. However, there is another factor that can influence the decision to change the way: the inability to pursue it because it is too crowded.

In Italy, lawyers are 234,000 and are constantly increasing: this certainly does not help the insertion of new resources. That is why the guys from such institutes have to face, for one reason or another, an important dilemma: what do I have to do after graduating from law?

Discover Milano Fashion Institute through its students testimonies. Here you  are the Report.

Choosing a Master in Fashion

The fashion industry has always been a strong point in the Italian economy and perhaps it is for this reason that more and more unqualified graduates are asking to be able to participate in its growth. Certainly not all the professions of fashion are suitable for those who come out of a logical and technical course like the legal one, but there are several professions that can exploit and make effective previous efforts of these graduates.

The law degree is not a point of arrival but a starting point. With the participation in a structured Master you can specialize in the fashion industry by investing only one year of your life. In this way it is possible to gradually get closer to the world of work by increasing both in skill levels and know-how. In fact this is the true essence of the master: to grow professionally in a fast and concrete way.

It is true that many not specialized graduates are attracted to the fashion industry, but it is also true that those who are interested are also those who are most doubtful about a possible enrollment. The greater fear of these students coming from the legal world is that they are not in line with the area of the masters and therefore do not have the features suitable to support this type of course. This is wrong: the analytical and technical skills acquired during the university studies will be useful not only to the graduate in following the new training course, but also to the company that subsequently decides to hire him.

In particular, the most relevant areas for this category of students are:

  • Communication
  • Marketing
  • Management
  • Buying

To substantiate our words, we take the case of a Milan Fashion Institute student who comes from a legal training course that started her professional career at Dolce & Gabbana in the marketing area.

Thanks to the master, she developed her organizational and personal skills; she knew a different reality from that she had been accustomed to entering perfectly into fashion-business optics; she met industry professionals, specialized teachers from various colleges and attended a professional internship in one of the great names of Italian fashion.

All this allows her to enter into the fashion world through the Master in Brand & Business Management, and later brought it to work at no less than Dolce & Gabbana. You can see her complete testimony at this link in the Alumni section (Marketing Assistant, DOLCE & GABBANA).


To conclude this reflection, we want to emphasize what is the true fundamental feature of accessing a master in fashion despite the degree (or similar): the tenacity. Nothing is impossible if you have willpower and longing for success. With the right training and the right personal balance you can do great things.

We hope that this article has been able to dissolve some doubts and clarify some ideas on which way you can choose for your future. If you need more detailed information, we are here to answer your questions.

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