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Sep 5, 2022 12:00:00 PM

Fashion and sustainability: the future in the luxury industry

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For some time the world of fashion has been committed to promoting a new approach of the sector, which sustainability as an only way for our future. From luxury brands to fast fashion chains, even the most established brands have been embracing the green theme as an integral part of their business strategies. This awareness of the damage caused to the environment by the fashion industry has paved the way for many initiatives and reflections on production processes, questioning the methods and materials once taken for granted in the world of luxury.

But what are the prospects for those who intend to take part in this change in the fashion system? In the article, you will find out which are the most active figures in the fashion field and the study paths closely related to these roles!

Digital and sustainable: the new fashion professions

Sustainable fashion has become a trend thanks to the launch of special collections, the search for new eco-sustainable materials and concrete actions by various stylists. Among the emerging ones, the choice of practices aimed at minimizing waste and using innovative materials from nature or the recycling of waste are increasingly widespread. Just think of the Milan Fashion Week, an unmissable event for all the major fans and exponents of fashion, which this year saw a new generation of talented promoters of the combination of fashion and sustainability parading.

Often there is a tendency to summarize under the role of "fashion designer" all the qualifications necessary to operate in the sector. Contrary to popular belief, the figures who made this change of perspective possible are numerous and continue to increase and specialize as market trends evolve.
Among these we found:

Sustainability Manager: a central role within the company, which implies the ability to reconcile business management with the definition of strategic assets and working methods from a sustainable system-product / service-process perspective;

Product Compliance & Sustainability Supply Chain Manager: the person who has the main task of planning and controlling the sales channels, ensuring that sustainability criteria are respected on the way from the factory to the store;

Sustainability Manager & Corporate Communication: a highly sought-after figure in the textile supply chains is the person in charge of external communication, whose central task is to make the company's sustainable philosophy known to the public.

What are the study courses aimed at operating in the sector?

Concerning the current issue, the National Chamber of Italian fashion expresses itself as follows: "Our challenge is to rethink the future of the planet and fashion through a path that leads to the achievement of the highest standards of sustainability, taking into account production, environmental and social”. A common thought shared by the Milano Fashion Institute, so much so that it became its corporate pillar and educational goal. Through specific study paths, the institute wants to instill all the knowledge necessary to work in this field to young talents, motivated to learn theoretical and practical notions and develop their creativity.

Within the wide and varied educational offer, the Master in Product Sustainability Management is certainly the most specific on the subject. This master allows students to interact directly with companies operating in the sector and aims to update future managers on regulations, analysis and communication tools in a sustainable key, through real design approaches.

In line with this training course, the Milano Fashion Institute has also devised a short and concentrated program. The New Sustainable Fashion short course prepares young managers, professionals and entrepreneurs to face the complexity of the fashion system, providing all the necessary tools to devise new innovative business models.

If you are passionate about fashion and want to know more details about our Masters and Courses, you just have to contact us: we will be happy to give you all the information you need to find the right way to make your dreams come true.

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