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Jun 14, 2022 11:45:17 AM

Fashion careers of the future: the importance of the digital world

Today, those who decide to graduate in the field of fashion are entering an increasingly unpredictable market, but which offers new possibilities and promotes new roles , as never happened before. 

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Thanks to the advent of digital, for years now, we have been living in a smart era in which the doors are opened to new professional roles such as that of the image consultant and the fashion blogger , a role that became famous with Chiara Ferragni in 2010. 

Two testimonies of how much the roles in the fashion world are fluid and always ready to be reinvented. 

The main feature that unites fashion and lifestyle experts is the presence on social networks. Knowing how to exploit the power of the various channels is an indispensable factor in being able to work in this field. In general, the professions of the fashion system are becoming more and more connected with the digital world, to promote their brands, do personal branding or keep up to date on new trends. 

Are you a fashion enthusiast and want to pursue the career of your dreams?  Read on to find out what the most in-demand roles in the industry will be in the future. 

Discover the characteristics of the professions that will guide companies in their digital transformation 

Digital, sustainability and inclusiveness are the areas of expertise around which there is more interest in terms of job demand. Fashion is embracing all the most discussed social issues by promoting special collections that respect the environment and, above all, positive beauty body norm.

For this reason, it seeks support from young talents to change the stereotypical vision of the market.  Companies today are increasingly interested in collaborators who stand out for their originality of thought , in favor of multiculturalism and always ready to question themselves.

Secondly, but not least, digital is certainly the field in which the greatest opportunities lie.  Following the pandemic, a profound change took place which, together with society, greatly affected the fashion industry.  Exactly for this reason the skills required for those who want to work in this area are changing. From graphic executions to a closer familiarity with the 3D world, every creative professional profile must have soft skills.  Let's see together which are the most current and requested in the sector.

  • Fashion Lawyer:  justice at the service of the fashion system. The "fashion lawyer" is a figure who was created to respond to the constant growth of causes of plagiarism, counterfeiting and unfair competition. She represents a point of reference for companies and fashion brands that increasingly need reliable roles in this field. 

CGI artist:  new horizon in digital fashion. The term CGI “Computer generated Imagery” artist indicates the professionals of the sector who work closely with technology to reproduce digitally and in a realistic way the offer of the fashion houses. Without these particular figures it would not have been possible to enjoy the latest collections and fashion shows during the lockdown.

Sustainability manager:  sustainability as the cardinal principle of his work. It follows the entire production process of a collection from the beginning, making sure it complies with environmental regulations. To fill this role it is necessary not only to attend a three-year course of study, but also to enroll in masters and specialized courses. 
  • Virtual Showroom Designer / Visual Merchandiser:  beyond the limits of creativity. An approach that does not limit creativity, but releases it at its maximum power. The virtual showroom designer is an evolution of the visual merchandiser, a category that identifies experts in the virtual world and the most ingenious professionals who like to leave free space for innovative ideas.


Which study paths can these professional opportunities guarantee you?

Milano Fashion Institute offers an educational offer that explores the major trends in the fashion sector.  This vision open to the latest news, combined with the experience of the teachers, helps to train competent and highly specialized professionals 

Through specific study paths, the institute wants to give students the opportunity to learn all the theoretical and practical skills and to develop their talent.

The Master in Product Sustainability Management and the New Sustainable Fashion short course offer young talents the opportunity to discuss a very current issue, exchanging opinions and innovative ideas, through the development of projects for renowned brands. The goal is to train future managers, making them aware of the tools of analysis and communication in a sustainable way. 

If, on the other hand, you intend to become the best “fashion lawyer”, our course in Fashion Law can clarify your ideas.  The program addresses the main issues of business models with particular reference to legal and current issues. 

Finally, the Master in Brand & Communication Management is the most suitable for learning all the secrets of digital change and learning how to manage them.  Students will have the opportunity to explore the relationship between brands, targets and communication and marketing strategies. 

If you are interested in finding out more details about our Masters and Courses , do not hesitate to contact us: we are always available to provide you with valuable information to help you choose your ideal study path. 

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