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Oct 5, 2023 9:39:49 AM

Fashion Consultant: what training path to follow to become one


In the digital age, in which trends change at an accelerated pace and personal style has become an important form of expression, there is a professional figure who stands out for his skills in enhancing people through the look.

This is the fashion consultant, an expert in the art of interpreting trends and translating them into personalized looks that reflect the personality and taste of his customers.

If you are passionate about fashion and creativity and want to help bring out the best in people through styling, then you could be the next successful fashion consultant.

In this article, Milano Fashion Institute tells you what exactly a fashion consultant does and what training path to follow to pursue this career.

Fashion consultant: who is she and what does she do?

If you think that a fashion consultant limits himself to choosing and recommending clothing combinations, know that the reality is very different.

This professional figure, in fact, is an expert in trends, style and personality. The fashion consultant works closely with his clients to understand their individuality, tastes and needs, thus creating unique looks that perfectly suit them. Its main goal is to help people feel beautiful and confident through clothing, while promoting their authenticity.

In order to do this, fashion consultants closely follow trends, participate in fashion shows, study and analyze new trends to offer a service as current as possible. They don't just give advice on what to wear, but consider how clothing relates to personality, social context and specific circumstances.

Here are just some of the complex daily tasks that a fashion consultant performs:

- Styling. A fashion consultant is called upon to create complete looks, including clothes, accessories and shoes, that reflect the client's taste and personality.
- Armocromia. Perhaps the hottest trend of all: a fashion consultant recommends the colors that best suit the client's skin tone.
- Trendspotting. How important is it to keep up to date with the latest trends? For a fashion consultant this is a must.
- Special-Event Styling. Not only every-day look: a fashion consultant is called to assist its customers also in choosing outfits for specific events, such as weddings or gala evenings.
- Style Education. Advise, of course, but also educate. A true fashion consultant teaches clients the basics of personal style and transfers them all the knowledge to know how to take care of their look.

How to become a fashion consultant?

Now that we have a clear vision of what a fashion consultant does, let's see what training paths you can follow to pursue this stimulating career.

- Everything starts from an academic training in fashion or design: a solid starting point to have access to a wide range of knowledge.
- Theory, as always, must be combined with practice. Precisely because nothing replaces experience in the field, opt for internships and professionalizing experiences in designer studios or luxury fashion stores to learn from the inside and create a network of contacts in the sector.
- Develop a portfolio. Don't forget to collect photographs of your projects and creations to create a portfolio that demonstrates your skills and unique style. A strong and up-to-date portfolio is essential to attract customers.
- Last but not least, network. In the fashion world, relationships can really make a difference: so attend industry events and fashion exhibitions to connect with other professionals and always find new opportunities.

The question arises: is there a training course that can bring together all these steps? The answer is called Master in Fashion Direction: Brand & Product Management of Milano Fashion Institute.

Discover the Milan Fashion Institute Masters to make a career as a fashion consultant

Attending MFI Masters in a cosmopolitan and lively city like Milan allows you, not only to get to know the fashion and luxury sector in depth, but also to acquire complete and multidisciplinary skills essential to stand out within an increasingly competitive market.

In particular, the Master's programme in Brand & Product Management incorporates a practical approach that offers students the opportunity to work on real projects in collaboration with the biggest brands in the fashion system. This field experience will allow you to put into practice the skills learned in the classroom and fully develop your creative and managerial talent.

All this is possible thanks to a teaching staff composed of successful professionals in the fashion industry, who will follow you step by step to become the professional you have always dreamed of.


Becoming a fashion consultant requires passion, study and dedication.

With the proper training, field experience and strong connection to the fashion industry offered by Milano Fashion Institute, you can become a unique, competent and cutting-edge fashion consultant.

Remember that there are no rules in fashion but only opportunities to show who you really are: if you want to become a fashion consultant, fill out the form and contact us. We are always at your disposal to answer your questions about our Masters and to find, together with you, the right path for your future.

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