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Jul 17, 2020 6:01:29 PM

Fashion courses in Italy: find out your personal path to follow in fashion business


Last time we told you about job opportunities in the communication sector (obviously in the fashion world) and our training offer related to the five masters. Today we will explain something else. So even if you are a professional expert in your sector, it doesn't necessarily mean that you no longer have to train and sit at a school desk. Indeed, if you have an established business and a good working position, this is the best time to hone your skills by giving them a precise cut. Below we will explain which specialized courses Milano Fashion Institute offers. Our courses are specifically designed for young university students and young graduates on specific relevant issues that characterize the contemporaneity of the fashion and luxury industry. From sustainability to fashion law, to understand new dynamics, best practices, and successful strategies thanks to the innovative experiential approach of the MFI courses: balancing lectures with field trips and company visits.

Let's start from the first: Fashion Law

Managing Fashion & Luxury companies requires a deep understanding of the legal framework that is characterizing the core internal processes of the companies, as well as the relations with clients and other external parties. Participate in Fashion Law course is an excellent opportunity for understanding the most current legal issues and consequent best practices in the industry, that can involve different professional figures: from lawyers, to licensing managers, product managers, retail managers.

A contemporary perspective: New Sustainable Fashion

Sustainability is reshaping the rules of the game of the fashion industry. Starting the long and complex journey of integrating ethics and aesthetics into the value chain, working on responsible innovation is nowadays not just desirable but necessary. More specifically the course New Sustainable Fashion is built around the professional figures of junior brand managers, product managers, retail managers, PR & communication managers that aim at understanding the potential of sustainability, future CSR managers and young entrepreneurs that wish to launch an entrepreneurial initiative with sustainability in its DNA.

An innovative path: Fashion 4.0

Today digital technologies are increasingly used in many production sectors and are profoundly changing the entire supply chain. Their application to the field of fashion is a reality. The new designers must adapt to the change taking place: today designing means not only having creativity, but also knowing how to use the right tools. This course Fashion 4.0 allows you to develop useful skills for working in the fashion industry 4.0.

A golden course: Jewellery Today

The jewellery represents a merchandise area with multiple design ideas due to its heterogeneous nature, the coexistence of crafts and digital manufactures. The aim of the Jewellery Today course is to offer the student the tools to face the project of a start-up in the jewellery and exploit the advantages of digital without renouncing the beauty of a craft.

New ideas: Startup for Fashion

New technologies and a reshaped competitive environment have radically changed the concept of a company and the way ventures are created, from the structure, to the processes, up to new professional roles, design innovations and emerging business models. Startup For Fashion therefore, offers not only an interdisciplinary theoretical preparation, but also a wide range of opportunities and experiences in the field, such as project works and visits to companies in the sector, to put into practice the acquired knowledge.

But we don't stop there

Do you know that we are also in Dubai with the Digital Fashion and Fashion Management & Entrepreneurship courses?
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