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Apr 16, 2020 10:14:09 AM

Fashion in the world does not stop. Now it is time to invest in fashion careers


The 1941 cover of Vogue featured a photograph by Cecil Beton and the title 'Fashion is indestructible', to want to communicate the great power that this phenomenon has over all of us, even those who claimed not to follow fashion, despite the terrible time that the whole world was suffering because of World War II. And, despite this period of endemic pandemic around the world, that forced us to stay in the house, fashion brands does not stop and continues with its work by converting certain productions, by donating money to hospitals, producing scrubs and sanitary and para-sanitary devices.

Fashion does not stop also means that in the contemporary, within companies, are strengthening and/ or changing the skills of professional figures; what does it mean?
Well, within a style office it will take very strong stylistic skills while becoming necessary professional figures who know how to interact with the purchasing offices materials, know how to recognize a material to define the best applications for this or that product.

In an article published on April 2, 2020 on Pambianco News [1] is reported During the emergency Coronavirus, not being able to focus on the visibility guaranteed by the canonical appointments, luxury brands choose to invest in online communication. In addition to the images conveyed through the #socialnetwork, however, the fashion houses are experimenting with new formats with which to attract users, often setting in motion an unprecedented interaction that could evolve further even after the quarantine.

As never before, companies need to keep their #awareness alive through new forms of branding that can also be enjoyed from the sofa in the living room. This means that specific communication skills, linked to modern social media languages, become indispensable for future fashion communication managers in the future. Strategic marketing and branding skills will be at the base of the managers' knowledge of the future because more and more the channels in which the public will buy clothing and accessories will be offline as much as online.

Today a fashion brand is not only linked to the production of clothing; we think of Giorgio Armani, Bottega Veneta, Loro Piana that in the city of Milan also have shops and showrooms that offer collections related to home collections or fabrics for the furniture. This is an industry that since the early 2000s has been implemented within the brands and, over the years, has become strategic to offer the final customer experience of brand identity totalizing.

Working fields such as #color design, #interior consultant, #visual communication become further activities necessary within the managerial structure of a company.
Let’s not forget the most contemporary aspect of #sustainability in fashion. This has gone from being a trend to a real way of thinking about the company and its productions. A pioneer, perhaps, in this is Stella McCartney that has made environmental sustainability, social respect the figure of its brand.

All this is present within the different courses and master courses offered by Milano Fashion Institute that with its multidisciplinary training offers, to anyone who wants to approach in a contemporary way the world of professions in fashion, different training opportunities.

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[1] https://www.pambianconews.com/2020/04/02/i-marchi-del-lusso-si-spingono-gia-in-massa-sul-branding-online-290097/