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Apr 9, 2019 10:31:58 AM

Fashion law course is what you need to find a job in a Fashion Company

Nowadays Fashion is a sector in constant evolution where Fashion law is a very important and fast-developing area, which has been attracting increasing interest at all levels, including businesses, law firms, research and educational institutions. To know specific content about how to take care of the business side of a company in terms of legal is a huge work: this is the reason why a professional figure combining business, law and fashion is strongly required.


The Fashion Law Course

Managing Fashion & Luxury companies requires a deep understanding of the legal framework that is characterizing the core internal processes of the companies:

  • brand protection and different typologies of trademarks' protection, as well as other intellectual property rights that can be used to protect fashion creations and models;
  • fashion negotiation and specific agreements for the industry;
  • supply chain issues, from advertising to the digital fashion processes;
  • the “made in” discipline, the crime issues such as brands and products counterfeiting and fashion forgery.

The "Fashion Law" course will focus on the introduction of the main fashion business models and the processes of collection and product development, in order to concentrate on the key industry-based legal issues from a practical point of view. The course is carried out by academics and practitioners from law, fashion design and fashion business backgrounds, in collaboration with leading legal office professionals as well as Fashion & Luxury companies’ manager. A multidisciplinary team, for granting the deepest understanding of fashion law practices, and enhancing participants’ opportunities in the fashion jobs sector.

This course is for students, practitioners and Graduates in law, who want to get notions and fundamental knowledge concerning fashion and luxury businesses from a legal perspective.

Graduates and students in business and economics, who want to understand the most relevant legal issues inside a fashion & luxury company, in order to acquire transversal and multi-disciplinary competences, that will permit them to properly manage core processes, particularly in small and medium fashion companies.

At the end of the course, participant will learn how to deal with the complexity of fashion and luxury companies processes, how to properly manage and apply the relevant rules and business practices, from contracts and agreements to the management of trademarks and other IPRs, as well as how to properly relate and add value within relations with different company stakeholders (licensing processes, value chain, etc).

The student graduated in law can be part of fashion world. One of our  consultants can explain you how and answer all of your questions.

Three different ares

To better understand this type of course, the students will have 3 areas:

  • Fashion Management: aim to provide the key contents for the fashion processes and business model that characterize the fashion industry, the logistic and positioning strategies, and their impact on the core processes.
  • Fashion Business Model: where Fashion law is a selected part of this special course, where the key activities are fashion ip protection and pipeline and counterfeiting; nowadays is the hottest key player for the fashion luxury company. The majority of fashion luxury company fight with this phenomenon, where using less prices, clients could have the possibility to gain a similar product with different typology, the highest value of a culture is the “made in” where the manufacture, the human touch merge and create a luxury product, that is authentic and valuable.
  • Fashion Pillars: where all is based on practices and field projects with real cases and real understanding about regulation and a 360-degree view, on this site of the business.


We hope that this article has been useful. For any need, for a simple information conversation, to better know the fashion world in which we operate or to get information on our masters, contact us. You can write an email to info@milanofashioninstitute.it or call us at +39.02.3031.6640.

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