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Jun 14, 2023 12:47:14 PM

Fashion Lawyer: who is he and what does he do?


The fashion world has always offered many job opportunities: over the last few years, in particular, new figures are making their way that, although often little known, are nothing short of essential in the fashion macrosystem.

One of them is that of Fashion Lawyer, a hybrid profession that embraces both different fields of law such as commercial, author and business, and an in-depth knowledge of the world of fashion and luxury.

Are you not clear about the role of this figure or are you not informed about which study paths can allow you to become one? Then continue reading the article by Milano Fashion Institute.

Fashion Lawyer: why is it on demanded by the market?

Think about the creative process for the design of a garment: who makes sure that the rights of the designer are respected by the fashion house and that the trade takes place in full compliance with current regulations?

This is just one of the many questions in front of which the Fashion Lawyer cannot be found unprepared: this is because his tasks range from ensuring compliance with the rights of models and designs, passing through the brand and its communication, and also arriving at protection in case of plagiarism, falsification, and counterfeiting. It is therefore not surprising that, in an increasingly digital world in which the appropriation of content is the order of the day, it is necessary to guarantee security and respect for the rights regarding:

- Brand Identity
- Deposition of the mark
- Protection of Made in Italy
- Intellectual property
- Transparency and fairness

The elements that most distinguish the Fashion Lawyer’ are his interdisciplinarity and the ability to stay constantly updated on news and changes in the fashion and law sector.

Given the complexity and, above all, the delicacy of the issues he deals with, the Fashion Lawyer must therefore be able to count on solid preparation: let's see now what are the steps to pursue a career in this sector.

Milano Fashion Institute: here's How to become a Fashion Lawyer

First of all, it is required to obtain a degree in Law and pass the State Exam for Advocacy: the field of action of the Fashion Lawyer, in fact, stands as a bridge between civil and criminal law.

Then we come to the actual phase of specialization: Milano Fashion Institute provides a specialized course in Fashion Law lasting 120 hours to deepen and learn in the field all the skills and best practices of the sector.

In particular, thanks to listening to professionals and experts, you can get in touch with some of the most widespread legal issues within the fashion world such as

- Property rights, brand and trademark protection
- Trade agreements and negotiations
- The supply chain and online and off-line communication
- The enhancement and protection of the Made in Italy brand
Theoretical and laboratory lessons will alternate to be able to guarantee you a comprehensive and complete preparation: then, in the concluding phase, a real dispute simulation with the support of some of the most prestigious law firms in the city of Milan will not be missing.

Fashion houses and fashion realities are always looking for Fashion Lawyers: why not expand your area of interest to discover all the opportunities that this world offers?

If you are interested in receiving more information about the Fashion Law course, do not hesitate to contact us: the experts and tutors of Milano Fashion Institute are always at your disposal to guide you in choosing the training path that best suits your inclinations.

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