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Nov 2, 2021 7:07:50 PM

Fashion Management in Italy: how to choose the right path to follow

Each academic path requires time, effort and commitment: but wearing the laurel crown, that satisfaction is immense! After the celebrations for the achievement of the Bachelor degree, the fateful moment arrives, in which every young graduate wonders: what will the career path that awaits for him be? 


This is nothing new: the younger generations are struggling to find employment consistent with the course of study undertaken and able to fully satisfy them. In addition to theoretical knowledge, companies in all sectors require some kind of professional experience.

Postgraduate Master: an opportunity to enrich your wealth of experience

Concluding your studies by attending a postgraduate master is an advantageous opportunity from many points of view. Every university student aspires to reach a certain profession, according to his passions and inclinations.

A higher education course such as a master is a fundamental tool for the professional growth of every young recent graduate. Undertaking a training course of this type allows you to acquire more specific and complete skills and competencies. Even from an economic point of view, enrolling in a master is a winning choice.

Investing in advanced training courses will allow you to obtain a qualified and profitable job assignment, which in a short time will allow you to repay the initial investment.

In the fashion sector, achieving a university qualification may not be enough. Future professionals in this sector need to acquire operational skills and practical experience to be able to contribute in the workplace. Choosing to attend a master's degree will therefore ensure that you can reach your professional goal quickly, while at the same time strengthening your skills within a specific area.

Realizing yourself in the Fashion world: that's why choosing a professionalizing master's degree

There are many careers to which you can dedicate yourself in the fashion industry. For this reason, each role requires specific skills, which varies according to the responsibilities and functions. The Masters offered by the Milano Fashion Institute enrich students with high-level skills and notions, useful for facing the job market with preparation, enthusiasm and determination.

For example, the master in Fashion Direction: Brand and Business Management blends two different disciplines - business and fashion - to provide students with 360 ° training on both subjects. Practical exercises are an integral part of the course, to guide each student to discover the tools necessary to face the job market with awareness.

The master in Fashion Direction: Brand and Communication Management, on the other hand, trains future professionals in the fashion sector through specialized technical skills that are useful for understanding how to create value around a company's brand. Also for this course, there is an educational part dedicated to the acquisition of theoretical knowledge and practical exercises to consolidate the training of each student.

The Master in Fashion Direction: Brand & Product Management is aimed to form professionals, with different skills, that are able to contribute to the process of brand management and collection development. These professionals are able to manage and coordinate the process of brand management, from the declination of the brand language on the different lines, to the planning and development of the collections, and finally up to the management of product’s communication to the trade market.

The Master in Fashion Direction: Brand & Lifestyle Management is addressed to junior profiles aiming to enter the fashion and luxury world, with a solid knowledge of managerial strategies and typical marketing procedures of the ‘’top of the range’’ fashion luxury and lifestyle brands. The main graduating professional figures will be Junior Brand Manager, Merchandiser, Buyer, CRM Manager, Digital Manager and Marketing Manager.

For our last master in Fashion Direction: Product Sustainability Management, in collaboration with Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana, the goal of this Master is to provide the knowledge, skills and analytical tools necessary to the definition and recognition of a system-product-service system and sustainable process for luxury fashion.

At the end

Although obstacles persist in the world of work that often generates a sense of mistrust in and from young people, training courses at a high professional level are an opportunity for personal growth and in order to put the acquired knowledge into practice. Not just theoretical study, attending a post-graduate Master means getting involved thanks to a professionalizing path able to enrich your curriculum with experiences and projects that can be spent in the world of work.

In the fashion sector, the demand for high-level figures with transversal skills increasingly appreciated by companies in the fashion business is increasing. To find out about all our masters and postgraduate courses, contact us here: we will be happy to assist you in choosing the training path that best meets your professional aspirations.

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