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Oct 27, 2021 1:05:52 PM

How to choose an Internship? Let's find out.

When it comes to preparing for the world of work, the theory isn't the only element that matters. On the contrary, thinking of starting a career without the practical aspect never goes far. For this reason, starting from the choice of your educational path, you should orient yourself towards a Master or a Course that combines the theoretical lessons with practice through practical projects and an internship.

But how does the internship in Italy work? And why should its importance not be underestimated? Let's see it in this article!


First step into the world of work

One of the problems that recent high school graduates or recent college graduates encounter most often in their search for a job is the lack of experience required by most companies. A problem that often becomes a "vicious circle" that makes it very difficult for young people to enter the labor market.

On the other hand, especially in certain sectors, it is very difficult for companies to have the possibility of hiring people who have no previous experience: in the fashion sector, for example, the standards required are quite high, even for those who approach it for the first time.

This does not mean that working in the Fashion Business is a utopia: with the right training path, nothing is impossible. The best training is, of course, one that includes a notional part, from which to assimilate the knowledge necessary to know how to move, and a practical part usually carried out over within companies in the reference sector.

This is a fundamental step, which will allow you not only to do experience but also to create the first network that will prove essential when you find yourself looking for a job.

Fashion world and internships: how does it work?

In reality, how does it work with internships, especially in Italy? Internships or traineeships are increasingly used by companies as a "trial period" for new workers with little experience. However, internship or traineeships, are now progressively included within the educational path of numerous universities, academies and schools, precisely to offer students the opportunity to get involved and acquire experience during their studies.

In this case, in the Fashion World, the most formative internships are carried out by students within important companies and majory industry names, which offer a genuine insight into what the fashion industry is. Through the chosen academic institution, therefore, the student can come into contact with major establishments, otherwise difficult to reach. Here, every student, has the opportunity to obtain experience, skills and competencies to his cultural and professional background.

Milano Fashion Institute provides 480 hours of internship within each of the Masters proposed in its curriculum.

Each Master focuses on a specific aspect of the Fashion World, in order to give every student, the path that best suits their talent and desires.

A few examples?

  • Master in Fashion Creation: Accessory Design: this Master aims to combine the craftsmanship of the creation of accessories with the study of new ideas and concepts, which form future fashion and accessory designers, increasingly in demand not only in fashion system, but also in those of luxury and lifestyle.
  • Master in Fashion Direction: Product Sustainability Management: this Master comes to life from the recognition of an increasingly central relevance to the theme of sustainability, now essential for companies in the sector. Not a trend destined to disappear, therefore, but a new and fundamental approach to gain a hold on the market of the future.
  • Master in Fashion Direction: Brand & Lifestyle Management: beyond fashion, towards the design of lines and trends that touch many aspects of people's lives: lifestyle brands are born, the core around which the Master Brand & Lifestyle Management revolves and that moves on design, beauty, luxury, fashion, to train professionals able to take advantage of a 360 ° vision.
  • In conclusion

Carrying out an internship during your studies allows you to get in touch with realities in line with your theoretical training: by choosing Masters or Courses that offer you this possibility you can make the most of your experience and learn everything that is not possible to learn during the lessons.

With Milano Fashion Institute you will attain experience directly from major Italian and International Fashion and Luxury companies, to give you the skills and competences that can be successfully invested in the workplace.

Discover more about our partners, programs and Masters, contact us: we are ready to guide you towards your right path!

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