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Oct 30, 2023 5:29:52 PM

How to Find a Job in Fashion? Start with MFI Courses and Masters


If fashion is your passion and your dream is to pursue a career in this industry, you've come to the right place. Entering the world of fashion is difficult, true, but the proper training and support of the right professionals will allow you to turn your passion into a career.

But, while dreaming is fundamental, fashion is also a demanding industry, where innovation and tradition are constantly intertwined. Entering this world requires talent, of course, but also preparation and competence. Being passionate, in fact, is not enough: it is the right training that makes the difference, which allows you to move from simple spectators to real protagonists of the fashion system.

We know that in Fashion everything changes at the speed of light and, once you graduate, you may feel a sense of disorientation. In fact, many students wonder how to translate theory into action and, above all, whether a three-year or master's degree course is enough to find a job in this competitive sector.

This is where Milano Fashion Institute's Masters and Courses come into play, cutting-edge training programs that represent the brick you need to conquer a place in the world of fashion and to bring out your uniqueness.

Are you ready to discover MFI's training proposal to build your future? Then continue reading the article.

Unleash your talent with Milano Fashion Institute's Masters

MFI's Masters are designed to turn you into a fashion professional ready to make a difference in the industry. First of all, to pursue a career in this sector, it is essential to have specialized skills that go beyond just talent.

Talent alone is not enough if it is not accompanied by an in-depth understanding of the specific mechanisms of the fashion world.

Think of a prestigious jewelry brand like Bulgari, which is known for its excellence in the art of luxury jewelry. Behind every piece of jewelry is an intricate process of designing, manufacturing, and brand management: without a real understanding of how to manage these processes, even the most talented of jewelry designers may struggle to get results.

The Master in Brand & Product Management will allow you to acquire essential skills to effectively manage and coordinate brand management activities, from the definition of the brand language to the different product lines, including collection planning and communication: all this will aim to teach you how to define a coherent and integrated brand identity.

If, on the other hand, you dream of holding the role of Junior Brand Manager in an important fashion house, then the Master in Brand & Luxury Management is the right path for you. This figure, involved in the implementation of branding and marketing strategies to promote collections on a large scale, should have a deep knowledge of the market. In this course you will be able to learn precisely those solid foundations on the functioning of the fashion and luxury system so required by companies, as well as, of course, to deepen the purchasing processes, merchandising and digital marketing and communication strategies.

Now imagine finding yourself at a Schiaparelli fashion show and working as a Junior Retail Merchandiser during the launch of a new collection. Your role is to analyze past sales trends, predict future demand, and determine which pieces from the collection will be showcased at each store. In addition, you constantly monitor sales, inventory, and product profitability. Thanks to the Master in Brand & Business Management, you will learn to develop business and branding strategies in line with brand specificities, emerging trends, and the competitive context. In addition, the master's degree will prepare you to effectively manage the customer relationship throughout the customer journey, implementing CRM strategies to maximize brand performance and value.

Careers in the fashion world certainly don't end here: know that, for example, companies are always looking for figures such as Junior Product Manager, Fashion Designer, Ready-to-wear Designer, and Junior Event Coordinator. For this reason, at Milano Fashion Institute we offer Masters in:

- Brand & Communication Management to be responsible for the voice of the brand at 360°. Here, you will learn how to design effective communication strategies that can highlight brand values and heritage in the context of digital communication, as well as develop, produce, and manage successful events in the fashion industry.
- Brand & Sustainability Management to face the most difficult challenge: reducing the environmental impact of the fashion world. In this Master's degree, you will acquire skills and know-how to make luxury products and services sustainable and state-of-the-art.
- Fashion & Design Management to become the designer you've always dreamed of. All this will be done through the study and participation in practical workshops to show you the entire life cycle of a product.

Not just Masters: here is MFI's course to reinvent your career

If what you are looking for is a short but meaningful training course, our course in Fashion Law will meet your expectations.

Whether you're a graduate looking for a specialization or a young manager looking to perfect your skills, you'll find a state-of-the-art three-week course here.

Each didactic module has been designed to unveil the mechanisms of Fashion Law from a unique perspective: that of those who work directly in the field. Thanks to the comparison with specialists and qualified professionals, you will closely study legal issues such as the protection of the brand and trademarks, the protection of Made in Italy, and the negotiation of specific agreements to keep up with the most current issues and events in the sector.

The training made in MFI does not stop, therefore, at theory: you will immerse yourself in the analysis of real cases, you will have the opportunity to develop practical project works, participate in first-person visits to fashion houses, and above all, you will be able to enjoy orientation sessions that will prepare you to face the world of fashion with confidence and determination.


Remember that even the best fabric needs a tailor who knows how to sew it: if your dream is to find a job in the fashion world, let the training offered by the Masters and Courses of Milano Fashion Institute accompany you on this path.

If you wish to receive more info, fill out the form on this page and tell us everything you need: our Tutors are at your complete disposal.

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