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Mar 13, 2019 3:26:12 PM

Lifestyle management in fashion: what the fashion companies are now looking for!

The evolution in the fashion world turns faster, faster than any other sector. The reason is very simple: the creativity. The continuous need to innovate, create, amaze and charm makes fashion one of the market sectors combine art and business in a perfect way. Because business is a fundamental part of this ecosystem, which needs firm rules and continuous supervision and careful to always performative. To understand the business processes behind a fashion company, as well as to manage them in the most effective way, it is necessary to take part in a path of particular and innovative training: lifestyle management.


Business management or design management?

The first question is quite obvious: what is lifestyle management about? Are we talking about business management with a drop of "creativity" within it or design management based on the creation of events? Neither, or better, both. Lifestyle management is a new way of managing the creative and business processes within the company and is represented by a professional figure able to incorporate the right artistic sensibility and pragmatic worthiness of the best Milan managers.

The link between product and "what is around" is always stronger and companies need more business figures in the mechanisms of fashion. It is not enough to know the modern techniques of business management if you are not aware of the creative processes behind the development of a particular product, just as you can not create marketing campaigns without having deeply rooted in the knowledge of fashion culture. How to transform exclusively "business oriented" figures into well-rounded managers with artistic sensibilities, fashion marketing skills and event development? With ad hoc courses, such as the Master in Lifestyle Management of Milan Fashion Institute.

Masters in Lifestyle Management: Design, Wellness and Events

The master of the Milan Fashion Institute has as its focus the training of professionals able to interface with modern fashion business models, to handle difficult situations and to organize and develop marketing and events strategies starting from the brand, its influence and its products . Business models in fashion are gradually shifting from an elitist dimension, typical of the communication of several years ago, to a "customer-centric" dimension, which takes from culture, sensitivity and personal well-being. The need to tell stories to the size of the user ("storytelling" in marketing) has revolutionized the approach of the fashion companies to the market, both in terms of communication and production. The creative processes behind product development have also undergone radical changes.

The aim of this type of master, therefore, is to teach to recognize the different areas of lifestyle management, ie design, wellness and event, and develop the skills necessary to become the reference figure between business and creativity in a fashion company.

  • Design: to structure marketing campaigns, to launch a product on the market, to develop ad hoc communication strategies, the professional figure must be able to understand the processes that led to the development of a specific product. In addition to this, he must also be able to understand the "why" of a certain creative choice and to manage the complex processes underlying "brand" and “product".
  • Wellness: the need to Transfer sensations that can be easily reconnected to the life of each individual has made it essential to include the element "wellness" as an integral part of the master. The personal and sensorial dimension of products is developed in a much more massive way by companies, the same also applies to the communicative use of them.The figure who will play a managerial role in a fashion company must know-how to manage this aspect with extreme punctuality and know the social and cultural background of modern society, so that it can be exploited to the fullest.
  • Event: is the most common word use in the fashion world, Thanks to the organization of events, fashion companies are able to create interest and keep the attention focused on themselves and their products. It is therefore essential that people learn the processes of creating this type of event, subsequently developing skills such as to be able to organize them himself or to support their creation.

In conclusion

The evolution of creative and business processes within fashion has required the creation of specific training paths, just like MFI's Master in Lifestyle Management. In this article we have tried to give you a general understanding of what this master represents, but if you want to know more, know that our employees are at your disposal to answer all your questions.

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