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Nov 22, 2022 2:00:00 PM

Master in Fashion Management? Choose from MFI masters

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The university path can provide insufficient skills to be ready to face the world of work. To pursue a career in the fashion industry, passion and creativity must be complemented by determination, improvement, and specialization: today the most requested skills range from managerial knowledge to communication, to get to Brand Identity and the interpretation of the best trends.

To acquire all the suitable tools, the post-graduate training of the Master can prove to be an optimal solution: in this article, Milano Fashion Institute will guide you in finding the right path for you.

Master MFI: Which one to choose?

The figures of the fashion world are numerous and diversified: we have already talked about the Fashion Manager but we could name others such as the Communication Designer, the Digital Manager, the Merchandiser, and the Marketing Manager. Each requires targeted training and at the same time transversal and multidisciplinary aimed at acquiring a complete and comprehensive knowledge of the entire and complex fashion sector.

This is why Milano Fashion Institute offers a wide range of Masters with a strong managerial imprint, each focused on a specific and deeply felt aspect within the world of fashion: let's see them in more detail!

  • Fashion Direction: Brand & Lifestyle Management is the Master designed to broaden your horizons. In this path, fashion enters sectors such as luxury, design, and beauty to combine creativity and innovation: to develop planning skills, the notions of Fashion Business Models, Management of Luxury and Wellness Design will be completed by a series of workshops and by the internship experience.
  • The Master in Fashion Direction: Brand & Product Management is aimed at multifaceted and versatile figures in the field of defining, developing, and creating collections. The essential aspects of the design of the brand languages ​​will be addressed, as the planning and management process, to arrive at the communication and positioning of the product on the market.
  • Fashion Direction: Brand & Business Management is the Master aimed at training highly specialized professionals in the effective management of business processes in the world of fashion and luxury. Project Management, Fashion Branding Strategies, and Digital Retail Experience modules will guarantee you a systemic approach for an effective and innovative realization of your projects.
  • The Master in Fashion Direction: Brand & Communication Management is designed to train new professionals in the world of communication. The digital revolution has inevitably also affected the fashion sector: in this path, you will face target analysis, visual imagery, and the best engagement strategies to learn how to make a difference in communication campaigns.
  • Fashion Direction: Product Sustainability Management is the Master carried out in collaboration with the National Chamber of Italian fashion. Sustainability is increasingly at the center of contemporary fashion trends: Supply Chain Management, Digital, and Responsible Innovation, and Sustainability For Fashion will provide you with all the tools for an innovative, sustainable product concept that is attentive to the needs of the sector.
  • Fashion Direction: Accessory Design & Management is the Master totally geared towards the acquisition of theoretical and practical skills in the world of accessories. Its workshop-based structure and the meeting with designers and professionals will guarantee you a real and direct approach to this rapidly developing sector.

Milano Fashion Institute: our proposals

For 15 years we have been working to create a specific training experience and to accompany students in their dream of a brilliant career in fashion. To diversify our offer, we have also designed short courses that integrate frontal lessons with concrete activities and experiences. We want to help you cultivate your talent, even if you still don't know how to do it: with Milano Fashion Institute you can find your dimension and start building your future.

Do you want more information or do you have any curiosity? Do not hesitate to contact us: we will be happy to answer your questions.

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