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Oct 30, 2018 9:58:26 AM

Master in fashion marketing: here are the steps to find the right one

After bachelor’s graduation, the student stops to evaluate the types of job opportunities and the various training courses to be undertaken to increase their skills and knowledge. Among these there’s the master in communication and fashion marketing. The omnipresence of fashion in communication channels and the great impact that this sector has on world markets are some of the factors that have led to an ever increasing influx of students to this type of master. But how do you choose the most suitable master for yourself and your work goals? In this article we have enclosed 3 tips that will help you make an informed choice for your future.


#. Compare

It is not obvious to talk about comparison between the various masters. It is often preferred to save time and immediately address to type of master, or institute, without having even taken into consideration the surrounding offer. Our first advice, therefore, is to carry out an accurate research in the field of interest and to compare the various training paths found. Before making any choice, it is essential to collect online information on the various types of masters in the field of fashion marketing and compare them with each other.

Even from visiting the Institute's website, however, you can understand how these operate. There are, indeed, many institutions that do not offer too much information online, making it impossible for the user to actually understand the content of the course and the final objectives that this arises. The information is scarce and this leads the user interested in picking up the phone and requesting a cognitive interview to receive answers that he could not find on the web. This is a sort of commercial tactic, and as such transforms the student into a number. If this happens during the research phase of the student's information, it is very likely that it will happen even after registration.

The choice of the master is not an operation to be taken lightly. The specialized course of study is designed precisely to shorten the time required to enter the world of work and to provide all the theoretical and practical skills necessary to arrive in the desired sector: in this case in fashion marketing. Therefore, relying on one's nose is not always the best tactic.

If you want to learn more about it, schedule a call with us. We can provide  you with all the answer you need.

#. Evaluation of the training path

After the comparison phase, the evaluation phase of the study path arrives. What kind of courses are taught in the course? Are these aligned with the final goals of entering the world of work? Are there any filler courses or are they all preparatory to the overall training in the field of fashion marketing? What knowledge is absolutely necessary for this type of work? These are some of the questions that the student must ask himself when consulting information online.

Given the brevity of the master, it is essential that everything is calibrated to perfection to ensure maximum results in terms of professional growth. So both the courses, the internship period, and the workshops must be aimed at increasing the student's skills, making it "palatable" and immediately expendable. It is useless to remember, that there are some elements that should not be missing in a master, first of all the internship in fashion. The work is learned in the field, in close contact with the communication, branding and marketing mechanisms that the fashion companies put in place every day: this concept must be clear not only to the student but also to the institute that promotes the master.

#3. Visit to the institute and cognitive interview

The questions remain even after a careful consultation of the online material, which is why some institutes provide a preventive consulting service. Milan Fashion Institute, for example, offers candidates the opportunity to take advantage of telephone consultations and personal interviews at the Institute itself. The designated staff follows the new graduate and responds scrupulously to his every question about the aspects that characterize the master, from the value to the type of internships carried out. In addition, the student can also request a visit of the campus in which the courses will be held, to ascertain the quality of the service offered.


The choice of the master is dictated by many factors, not only by the popularity of the institute that promotes it. It is essential to know who is behind the chosen fashion marketing course, to understand the background of the teachers and which partner has the institute for the following training periods in the field, which are essential.

Training means growth. Especially in the current moment where everything is in progress and nothing is more static, being constantly updated is part of the game. To become part of the fashion world, in the specific field of marketing, one must be able to evolve and manage specific techniques. The master in communication and fashion marketing is, therefore, a very important step, which should not be underestimated or chosen lightly.

If you would like find out more about the Master in Brand and Communication Management of Milan Fashion Institute, consult the dedicated page. For any other need or question, you can contact us here.


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