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Jul 24, 2019 3:55:55 PM

Masters in Italy for international students: here are some excellent path to follow

Italy can boast of being one of the most beautiful countries in the world thanks to the presence of different scenarios that frame its sky. We can immerge ourselves in the crystal clear waters of the land of Conero, stroll along the hills of Maremma and Tuscia tasting good wine, climb Europe's highest mountains tasting cured meats and Valdostan cheeses, do jogging among the green fields characteristic of Lomellina, photograph the wonderful Milanese skyline, or lock yourself in a museum and admire the history of art that our country has always been the protagonist. In conclusion, Italy is a place full of wonders to visit that would fill the agenda even of a foreign prime minister.



What are you waiting for to follow a course of study in the “Bel Paese”?

Milan in addition to the skyline that surrounds the city showing all its transformation, can be proud to be the leader of the Italian Smart Cities in Europe and can be proud of its educational offer to the students who live there. Well, the Milanese universities are included in the "top ten" of the best Italian universities. In addition to the history of the “Biscione Visconteo”, in addition to the history of the Duomo built thanks to water transport, in addition to the countless stories that travel through the alleys of Milan, this city has a long and deeply rooted history in the fashion and design industry.

We never stop! - Se sta mai coi man in man!

A quote from what could be the Milanese anthem, Milan is a working city, a "city that rises" (taking another quote from Boccioni), is a city that offers what can become your future. Within the north-west territory of Municipio 9, which includes the central area from Porta Garibaldi to the outskirts of Quarto Oggiaro, the “strong” Bovisa district is located.

The soul of Milan - Lo Spirit de Milan

The district was annexed to the city in 1873, and was one of the liveliest industrial hubs in the Lombardy capital for much of the 20th century. The boundaries of the district are drawn by the railway network, which in addition to enveloping it, cuts it in half. The presence and shape of the railway tracks were crucial to the success of the area as an industrial hub. For the first half of the last century, dozens of factories left their mark on the history of the district, redesigning its territory. Over time, the large urban and housing voids that were gradually emerging, have given the city council the way to assign to the Polytechnic of Milan the spaces to detach some campuses and departments: the Design system in the East, in the structures of the former Ceretti & Tanfani, and Engineering in the West. From that moment, it begins for the Bovisa district, a process of recovery and transformation of the territory pushed by the local governments and accelerated socially by the massive presence of students.

Building B3

Within this district so dense with history and transformation, the Milano Fashion Institute is located close to the Bovisa train station. Milano Fashion Institute offers: Fashion Direction: Brand & Product Management, a master's degree aimed at training professionals who, with different skills, contribute to management of brand and collection development processes; Fashion Direction: Brand & Business Management, a master’s degree that focuses on training the most qualified professionals and innovative business management managers in the world of fashion and luxury; Fashion Direction: Brand & Communication Management, a master’s degree aimed at managing and enhancing the communication and brand strategy area; Lifestyle Management: Design, Wellness & Events, master that aims to train professionals who will act as a bridge between the creative and managerial processes in Lifestyle and the creative industries.

In addition to these four master's degrees, Milano Fashion Institute offers Short Courses specifically designed for university students and already graduated for four or five weeks.

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