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Nov 18, 2022 2:00:00 PM

Milan fashion courses: discover MFI's Fashion Law course

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The world of fashion is certainly one of the fastest growing markets: Italian creativity and the quality of Made in Italy products generate great demand in national and international trade. However, the more relationships and economic relationships extend, the greater the risk of exposure to issues related to product counterfeiting or the protection of the brand and brand identity.

For this reason, the awareness of the need for professionals able to remedy and foresee the possible problems that the fashion sector may encounter is growing more and more among companies and legal institutes.

This is a very interesting prospect for young law and economics graduates: are you interested in learning more? Then continue reading the Milano Fashion Institute article.

Fashion Law: MFI's Fashion Law Course

Fashion law refers to a very vast field of law in which the needs related to the world of fashion are intercepted.

The complexity of the activities and figures that gravitate in the world of fashion and its production and commercial chain require highly specialized preparation: the legal or economic basis alone cannot be sufficient. A degree in law or economics is an essential point but, to be able to act concretely in the defense of the brand, intellectual property, and the effective drafting of negotiations and agreements, it is necessary to possess skills and competencies also in the field of sociology, marketing and of communication.

Aware of the fact that to know the internal processes and relations of the sector, transversal training is required, Milano Fashion Institute has structured the Course in Fashion Law with the aim of providing the most up-to-date, practical, and relevant tools to intervene promptly and quickly in the resolution of disputes. Lasting 120 hours, it is divided into three different modules:

    • Fashion Management, to deepen the logic, business models, and the impact that certain choices and actions produce for the entire sector;
    • Fashion Law, which analyses intellectual property rights, the creation of a collection, and effective negotiation to obtain maximum visibility from the brand;
    • Mock Trial during which, thanks to many guests, a real process will be simulated to allow students to put into practice and improve the skills acquired during the modules and workshops;

A special event: MFI Fashion Law Seminar

The importance of fashion law, in an increasingly globalized and borderless reality, is a fact: this is why the Milano Fashion Institute has organized a day totally dedicated to the study of this topic. The Fashion Law Seminar will take place on 25 November from 9:00 to 17:00 at the Institute's Campus, a day of discussion on the most relevant issues, the most recent tools, and new points of reference for the entire fashion sector. Guests and professionals will analyze case studies related to intellectual property rights, e-commerce, and the newest figures of influencers to talk about the new methodologies to develop effective and respectful strategies for the brand.

The training offer of Milano Fashion Institute does not end here: in addition to the other courses, you can find 6 Masters for professional and specific training: our goal is to support you in finding the right path for you.

Are you interested in receiving more information? Contact us: we are always at your disposal to answer your questions or curiosities

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