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Aug 23, 2021 12:12:57 PM

Online luxury brand management courses: here are some examples


Here we are again to talk about Milano Fashion Institute. Unfortunately, Covid-19 has not completely passed yet. Before and during the pandemic, Milano Fashion Institute has always been there and never stopped. Even in 2020, in the midst of the storm, the lessons never halted. Instead, they changed mode: they went online.

It was not easy to think of our 4 Masters in 2020 which - until February - were in attendance, with classrooms full of students, teachers and guests, become behind a screen. It was not easy at all and at the same time it hurt, because it marked a moment of change that we knew the beginning of but did not know how it would end.

Is it now finished?

We do not know how to say it because, unfortunately, the data speaks for itself and Covid-19 is still evident in our days.

One of the most important takeaways from this journey is the key characteristics about humans as an animal species: our adaptability with our surrounding.

Milano Fashion Institute wants its courses to be in attendance but given the issue, it has given all students the opportunity to be able to follow the lessons remotely.

What does this mean?

The lessons went online when it was necessary to remain closed to the public such as in times of lockdown, red zone and orange zone. Subsequently, the lessons became face-to-face with the possibility of following them remotely.

We have left our students the choice of where to follow the lessons. Since Milano Fashion Institute is an international institute, many of our students decided to return home to their families, thousands of kilometres away from Milan.

In addition to the possibility of following the lessons remotely, we have given the possibility to follow recorded sessions. This is because we realized it might be more difficult to study from home and therefore would be an asset to review what has been done.

Milano Fashion Institute wants to be a lively Institute, full of students eager to learn but, unfortunately, it had to face this bad period. The important element was to be present and adapt to give the opportunity to study for all our current and future members.

For the future?

For the future, we will be adapting what we call a “BLENDED teaching method: 100% classroom teaching + optional distance learning” for the foreseeable future.

Milano Fashion Institute is committed to maintaining its standards in Education in the Higher Education Fashion sector with its officially recognized University Masters.

So, come and discover our masters in Fashion Direction: Brand & Product Management, Brand & Business Management, Brand & Communication Management, Brand & Lifestyle Management.

Discover also our Master in Fashion Direction: Product Sustainability Management in collaboration with Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana.

From next year, following a collaboration with POLI.design, we are pleased to also present the Master in Fashion Creation: Accessory Design.

Come, discover our programs and contact us!

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