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Jul 28, 2021 4:00:00 PM

Post graduate in fashion communication? Find out all MFI's programs and courses


Here we are again. Let's start with a question: have you ever thought about working within communication in the fashion world? Today we will talk about our master in Fashion Direction: Brand & Communication Management. When we talk about communication we always think of a job linked to social platforms but this is merely one of the professional outlets that our master provides.

Let's start from the beginning: the structure of the Master

The Masters is characterized by multidisciplinary activities conducted by the teachers of the founding universities and by experts from qualified business and professional organizations. The masters draws on innovative teaching methods including the following modules: Warm up, Tools and Fashion Pillars (these are common courses to 5 masters), Fashion Processes, Curiosity and Fashion Practices (these are specialized courses). Obviously, the internship period is also included in the courses, which runs from September for a minimum of three months.

Second base: description of the courses

The contents of the Master integrate different interdisciplinary themes for better understanding and managing the processes of fashion product development and marketing through the whole pipeline.
Lectures are organized into modules based on the presence of teachers from different areas that can transmit a complete picture of the structure and functioning mechanism of the industry. They include a part of theoretical framework and a large space devoted to exercises, with the aim of transferring methods, techniques and concrete working tools.

Once you pass the common courses in which you will have the opportunity to learn notions for a solid foundation, you will start with the specialized courses: they are the bomb. Wow!.

They are within the Fashion Processes and Fashion Practices

The first unit is composed of 180 hours devoted to the main processes to enhance and promote the cultural identity of companies and brands, as well as to implement and manage the new channels and formats of communication.

The second unit, called Fashion Practices, prepares completely for what the world of work will be like: include Empowerment & Career Management course and the most important period of the master, the internship.

The Master in Fashion Direction: Brand & Communication Management is aimed to train young professionals with advanced communication and digital skills, a deep artistic and cultural knowledge, together with organizational and management skills.

The professional figures are Junior professionals able to support in a qualified way the style and marketing areas, as Fashion Stylist, Fashion Editor, Visual and Artistic Researcher, and Trend Analyst, Cool Hunter, Junior Marketing Manager, Event Manager.

The Communication area, as Communication Manager, Social Media Manager, Digital PR, Digital Content Manager, PR Manager, Press Office Manager.

The Cultures & Heritage area, as Cultural Heritage Manager, or Corporate Sustainability Manager.

Last but not least

It is recommended to attend masters whose Faculty is made up of leading professors and professionals in the sector, but also through a process of selecting participants that privileges coming from different backgrounds, (mainly degrees in communication, design, management).

Obviously, a classroom of course mates from different parts of the world favours the learning of the transversal skills typical of corporate teams and favours the conditions for the development of skills and competences of innovation and creativity, both linguistic and design in the different areas of promotion communication.

In any case, we are in via Durando 38 in Milan, we can't wait to show you our new Campus and to talk to you about all the Masters of the Milano Fashion Institute.

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