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Jul 19, 2021 5:47:44 PM

Sustainable fashion in Milan? Here are some professional courses and masters about the topic


Let’s go! Let's start by explaining what sustainability means in the fashion world. Sustainability in the fashion sector, as in the wider luxury sector, is a topic that has been discussed for about twenty years but has only become mandatory among sector operators in the last couple of years.

It started with the publication of the first Sustainable Fashion Manifesto, which took place in 2011, it was outlined by Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana . Today, the question of a "sustainable product” remains evident not only on the national but also on an international level. The Italian Fashion sector has not remained stagnant, quite the opposite, it has undergone several innovations, from luxury brands, and beyond.

Italy which is a large manufacturing country, is in fact one of the few that still maintains entire value chains in different sectors locally. The companies that make up this very specific "supply chain" have the ability to redesign, sometimes modify, their production processes, or parts of them, in a way that the resulting products are truly sustainable. From the transformation of raw material into yarn, from yarn to fabric, from fabric to finished product, Italy is now recognized as one of the most active countries in this paradigm shift.

Milano Fashion Institute has recognized this manifesting phenomenon and has what it takes to learn and teach this subject of Sustainability in our Masters in Fashion Direction: Product Sustainability Management, lasting one year, as well as a four-week course called New Sustainable Fashion.

First of all

Our Master in Fashion Direction: Product Sustainability Management is in close partnership with Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana and the first edition class is already happening.

In this master, sustainability is understood not only as a product in particular but as a process and involvement of all corporate stakeholders. Milano Fashion Institute works together with companies to train highly qualified innovative professionals who integrate design, management and communication skills capable of having a brilliant future in the world of fashion.

The Master, therefore, has the objective of training a professional figure with a strong knowledge of environmental, economic, social and productive sustainability that will characterize the luxury fashion sector.

A manager capable of dealing with the environmental aspects of the company both upstream and downstream of the process. This helps develop an awareness of the need to operate with greater responsibility and attention to our surrounding environment. The professional figures trained are therefore junior profiles able to guide the creation and management of a product-service / system. This is done by operating in accordance with the Design, Marketing and Production figures present in the company. As well as being able to support the CSR manager in the activities related to the actions pursued with a view to corporate sustainability.

Second of all

The course “New Sustainable Fashion” aims at sharing with the participants the most updated information and cutting-edg examples of innovative business models in fashion & luxury. The course focuses on the driver of sustainability for the creation of shared value. Creating shared value in fashion means being able to answer the needs of many stakeholders: the environment, society, institutions, art, culture, territory and the consumers. A responsible fashion company has already started the long and complex journey of integrating ethics and aesthetics into the value chain, in constant balance with all the stakeholders.

Here are some of the keywords that will lead the way in responsible fashion innovation and that will be explored during the lectures, class discussions and company visits: circular economy, recycling, upcycling, prosumer-creation, open-source, crowdfunding, wearable-technologies, online-offline integration, transmedia-storytelling, B-corporations and open-innovation among others.

This time as well, we have shared a glance of Milano Fashion Institute.

Do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to show you around our new Campus and explain the values ​​of MFI.

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