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Nov 14, 2022 5:50:21 PM

The Milano Fashion Institute headquarters expands! Here is all the news

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The training institutes are places dedicated to the education, preparation, and growth of future generations. Very often, however, students find themselves having to spend a large part of their training in structures that lack the aesthetic and functional standards that a place of such importance should. It is precisely for this reason that in 2013 the Unified Conference approved a series of guidelines for the construction of buildings in order: the headquarters of the Milano Fashion Institute, which opened in September 2020, reflects the characteristics identified and, for about a year, has welcomed and allowed everyone it’s students effective learning.

Are you curious to discover the news about the headquarters? Then read on for all the detail.

Attention to the needs of your students: here is the new MFI headquarters

Recent Anglo-Saxon studies have shown how the architectural design and interior design of schools act whose development - or negatively - on the learning abilities of children. The guidelines identified by the Unified Conference, in particular, have activated the need for performance planning, therefore based on the objective of maximizing school learning.

The new Milano Fashion Institute headquarters consists of modular spaces with movable walls that allow the creation of large or small classrooms depending on the needs, wired desks, latest generation audio-video systems, and a Wi-Fi connection. Handy furnishings and technologies integrate: these are the characteristics identified and fully respected by the Milano Fashion Institute which has thought of a minimal design, with attention to every detail and also attentive to the relaxation needs of its members’ thanks to a comfortable hallway area. Sum it up in one word? Fashion.

A bright and energizing white references to the greats of fashion, large windows to allow the passage of as much light as possible, and an appointment of the rooms with specific areas of Milan: all the classrooms were natural to meet the current educational needs of both in the presence and at a distance. The services provided in blended mode, in fact, are not only able to break down the barriers of physical distance but, thanks to the support of computers and video projectors, allow you to live a complete training experience just as if you were in your presence.

Facilitating learning and study through design and planning: on listening to the needs of students this philosophy that wants to convey the new MFI headquarters.

Have we intrigued you? Then come and dare a look at our courses.

Milano Fashion Institute: our proposals

For 15 years we have been carrying out educational and scientific training proposals in the fashion sector: our training offer consists of 6 Masters, which are articulated around specific professional profiles and skills, and 9 short courses that practical and experiential approaches. We want to cultivate the talent of our members to allow the maximum expression of their uniqueness: this is how we work at Milano Fashion Institute.

If you are curious to receive information or have any questions, contact us. We will be happy to help you find your way!

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