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Dec 27, 2018 8:44:00 AM

There are many professional figures in fashion: here are the most sought-after

Fashion is a complex sector, made of creativity but also of strategic planning, analysis and statistics. In fact, in support of the designer and his artistic vein, there is a whole army of professionals able to transform his inspiration and creativeness into magical products with strong emotional value, thus bringing an ever-increasing number of clients and aficionados closer to the brand. But what are the most requested figures in the fashion industry today? In this article we will analyse three modern professions that are part of communication and creative design, and that are increasingly sought-after by fashion houses.


Product Manager

When we talk about strategic analysis in the fashion world, we are necessarily talking about Product Manager as well. This is a significant figure in many sectors, but in this case it occupies a prominent position: it represents one of the pillars on which the success of the Maison is based. The authority of the brand undoubtedly plays its part - we will then see who takes care to keep it at a high level - but the Product Manager is in charge of understanding how to develop the collections in order to satisfy the tastes of the target market.

To get to the moment of the launch of the new collection, the Product Manager must have implemented a preventive strategy aimed at identifying the best path to follow for his brand. Its task is to analyse the reference market and competitors, so as to know the seasonal trends and the new features proposed by the competing fashion companies. At the same time it must be able to determine the tastes of consumers and potential buyers.

This professional figure works closely with stylists, designers and modellers: his role, indeed, is not purely strategic but also technical. In fact, the Product Manager follows the realization of the product at every stage, from conception, to production up to commercialization.

Developing all these skills is part of a challenging but highly rewarding process. To gain access to a position like this, it is essential to have specific soft skill and, above all, a suitable and professional qualification. A master's degree in brand and product management, as the one proposed by Milano Fashion Institute, is a path able to train the individual not only on a theoretical level, but also on a practical level, thanks to the experiences of compulsory internships.

If you want to learn more about it, schedule a call with us. We can provide  you with all the answer you need.


Digital Brand Manager

The “online ground” has become, in recent years, one of the most fertile for the cultivation of the corporate image and for the sale of products and services. The awareness of the power of this tool for business communication and for the acquisition of the so-called “opportunities” has produced new professional figures, such as the Digital Brand Manager. In the fashion industry, the web is one of the most important channels to be developed, and it is precisely for this reason that fashion houses take advantage of figures such as the Digital Brand Manager.

Its role is to monitor, in its entirety, the image of the brand online and to create communication strategies capable of preparing the ground for the subsequent commercialization of products. The skills that this role must have are huge: the Digital Brand Manager must be able to develop all-round marketing strategies including pay-per-click campaigns, SEO activities, development of communication on the various channels (website or e-mail). commerce, social channels, press, etc.) and final analysis of the collected data. In order to complete its communication objectives, the Digital Brand Manager actively interacts with other professionals such as the Social Media Manager, the Event Manager and the Fashion Designer: in this way it is able to know perfectly the progress of the strategy on the various channels, to monitor progress, receiving feedback and additional indications. The ultimate goal of this professional is to keep the brand's reputation high through effective communication and an attentive customer satisfaction strategy.

In order to become Digital Brand Manager there are several study paths to follow, but then again what really matters is to develop practical, analytical and directional skills specific to the area in which you will operate. An educational route as the master in brand e communication management provided by MFI.

Social Media Manager

If in other areas this professional figure is underestimated, in the fashion sector the Social Media Manager is of great importance. Its inclusion in the workforce is obvious: its presence in the company is essential to ensure a communication that is effective, creative and aimed at increasing the authority of the brand.

The Social Media Manager deals with developing a social communication strategy, supervised by the Digital Brand Manager, identifying the most suitable social channels (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter ...), as well as the type of presence to be maintained on these platforms. His training includes a path of marketing communication, preferably started in university and then carried out with refresher courses and specific masters.

In fact, the development of a social strategy is not trivial at all, as it includes a wide knowledge of digital marketing strategies. The aspects to be followed during the communication management on Social Networks are many, among which:

  • Creation of editorial plans in line with the tone-of-voice chosen for the type of channel and product marketed.
  • Creation of graphic and video contents.
  • Development of paid advertising campaigns aimed at achieving a specific goal.
  • Development of a correct and user-oriented written communication.
  • Creating an interaction with the user through timely customer care.

All this is learned through practice and the immersion in the company at 360 degrees. For this reason the MFI masters have as their main theme the internship in fashion industry: to allow students to grow and develop all those skills that normally could not be innate in the university classroom.


These professionals are among the most sought-after in the fashion industry, but are also among the most rewarding on a personal level. Being able to manage the communication of a brand or the development of high fashion collections does not happen every day. This is why Milan Fashion Institute has developed its masters: to give its students the opportunity to concretely become part of solid and valuable companies. Contact the MFI team for more information about masters and short courses.

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