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Jan 9, 2018 11:07:36 AM

To decide on a master's degree in fashion based on cost? Here are some tips

The world of postgraduate education has expanded considerably in recent years, giving space to highly specialized courses in many different fields. Many students have decided to undertake this kind of path, and all have done so with the aim of finding work easily within their congenial context. Although you can have clear ideas about your future, maybe you do not know what path to choose to get there and how much it can cost. Regarding this we want to give you some advice to recognize the institution with the best quality-price ratio.


Why does the master have a high cost?

This is a question that many recently graduated students pose. Why does the post-graduate master, in most cases, cost a lot higher than that one of the university? From the outside it may seem like a course like many others, well organized and made up of trained teachers, but in reality it is much more. In short and without many turns of words, the master is a tool able to:

  • To specialize the student in a specific field.
  • To give the student an excellent knowledge of specific English for the relevant sector (Business English), fundamental element for any type of work activity.
  • To teach the student how to deal with third parties and how to speak in public easily (Public Speaking).
  • To teach the student to work in a team (team working), fundamental aspect for the work in the company.
  • To offer high quality training both in the classroom and in the field and therefore provide not only theoretical but also practical training.
  • To provide internships in the company, in order to give the student a clear vision of the work he is aiming for.
  • To enrich both the personality and the Curriculum Vitae, giving the student more professional opportunities.

All these points make up the master's framework, a high-quality, professionalizing training course able to provide the student with all the skills necessary for direct placement in the company. Nowadays work is the biggest unknown factor in the life of a boy and this is one of the reasons why Masters have become very important to overcome the obstacle of unemployment.

But here is the cost obstacle: is it really worth spending all that money for an additional year of study? If the Institute has a valid program, teachers of a certain level, specific services and support to the student, yes, it's worth it. Companies are looking for trained profiles with work experience: a good master is able to provide both.

If you want to learn more about it, schedule a call with us. We can provide  you with all the answer you need.

How to choose then?

To understand whether an institution is worthy of the price it performs, it is necessary to actively inquire about the services offered and the composition of the training offer. In fact, there are some aspects that in a master can not be missing.

The first step is consulting the website: from a quick glance at the site, the student can get an idea of the seriousness and professionalism of the institute. If online there are detailed information on the courses, including schedules, credits and material made available, the student can already make considerations regarding a possible course of study in this institution. A problem common to many institutions, especially in fashion and design, is the site particularly artistic but difficult to consult. On the other hand, it is very important for the student to study the material made available online and, perhaps, to prepare questions for the next telephone interview.

Among the various information found on the internet, the presence of the company internship must be clear. We at Milano Fashion Institute know how important this tool is for the personal and professional growth of young people: we have seen this both from our students' achievements and from the satisfaction of the companies we work with. Our institute provides a mandatory internship period of 2/3 months in prestigious companies operating in the fashion sector. This period allows the student to:

  • Putting the acquired concepts into practice.
  • To acquire awareness of oneself and one's innate abilities.
  • To learn to relate with external and internal actors and work in groups.
  • To become aware of the specific working mechanisms of that environment.
  • To learn how to handle difficult and stressful situations as well as responsibility for one's work.

The goal of the master is to make the student able to integrate effectively into the company. For this reason the high cost must be combined with a quality service that makes the investment sensible and fruitful. However, this does not mean that the institute feels entitled not to provide economic facilities for certain types of applicants. It is important to make sure that the institute provides for the granting of merit scholarships or related to the income of the family, as well as the possibility to bear the cost of fees in convenient installments. The placement service at the end of the course must also be taken into consideration: not many institutes, in fact, take care of the student after obtaining the diploma. Milano Fashion Institute, on the contrary, works to divulge the profiles of new graduates to companies with which it collaborates. In fact, our institute has an exclusive network of companies operating in the fashion industry on which to rely.


You do not have to evaluate a master only based on its cost. There can be economically advantageous masters, but they do not provide the student with an adequate education nor do they provide a specific job. Our advice is, therefore, to inquire about the program provided, the price and any facilities provided, on external training activities (educational trips, visits to companies, etc.) and on the existence or not of a period of company internship. The best way to avoid doubts is to contact the institute and perhaps request a frontal interview with a consultant.

If you would like to deepen these issues in relation to Milano Fashion Institute, contact us here. Our consultants are always ready to give you all the information needed.

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