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Oct 15, 2019 3:37:26 PM

Want to study fashion in Milan? Find out all services for foreigners

Everybody knows Milan for Business and Fashion World, but it is a beautiful city and it is located in a strategic position. Milan offers many places to spend evenings with friends and it is not only “City of the fog”, but Milan is situated between the sea and the mountains. Travelling for two hours is it possible to arrive at particular Ligurian’s coast and also in Valtellina. From “Focaccia” and “Pesto”, to “Pizzoccheri” and “Bresaola”. Because in the end, so is it more beautiful to eat?

But anyway, Business and Fashion World are the centre of Milan and if you are reading this text, you are a passionate about these things. Maybe you will choose how to build your future and maybe you will become a student of Master’s MFI. Yes, that would be great!


Our offer

Milano Fashion Institute offers our foreign students many services for facilitate entry in Italy: it is important to mentor international students, and in particular extra-E.U. citizens, in order to fully understand which is the procedure to follow for remaining in Italy and attending MFI Masters. The information provided below are alternatively for non E.U. citizens and for E.U. citizens.

Before arriving in Italy

The visa is the permit issued to citizens for another country that is not part of the European Union, in order to enter the territory of the Italian Republic. In order to attend the Milano Fashion Institute Master, perspective students that are not E.U. citizens must have the student visa. This visa is specifically dedicated to students who will attend a course and remain in Italy for more than 90 days

The student visa must be requested to the Italian Embassy or to the Italian Consulate in your home country of origin, or in the country in which the student permanently resides, before the departure to Italy. To find out which are the documents required to apply for a visa and find the closest place to you to request it, click the following link: http://vistoperitalia.esteri.it/home/en

After the arrival in Italy

During the process of requesting the visa, students are required to present their enrollment certificate to the local Italian Embassy or Consulate. Milano Fashion Institute provides the enrollment certificate to the eligible perspective students by 5 working days.

The Italian law on immigration provides that extra-EU citizens, planning to stay in Italy for more than 3 months, have to apply for the residence permit within 8 days from their arrival in Italy.

Extra E.U. citizens have to submit the residence permit application at any post office where there is a “Sportello Amico” counter available. In order to do that, students can obtain the kit directly at the post office and follow the instructions. They are requested also to present the following documents: passport, MFI enrollment certificate, photocopy of the receipt of the Health insurance, duty stamp. However, Milano Fashion Institute recommends to carefully read and comply with the instructions available in the kit. From the post office you will be given an appointment (day and time) for going to the Questura Immigration Office in order to be fingerprinted.

During this appointment you will be required to bring 4 identical passport photos and the original documents, whose copies were enclosed in the application kit, including any document that could be missing in your application.

Tax identification code

Once the student has arrived in Italy, it is necessary to obtain the “codice fiscale”, that is a unique tax identification code used in all the interactions with government agencies and public administration in Italy, as well as for other purposes (such as opening a bank account, signing a contract for renting an apartment or a room, signing a mobile phone contract, etc). The Application is easy and must be made at the local office of the Agenzie delle Entrate by showing a valid passport or stay permit.


Securing accommodation is one of the most important aspects of your time in Milan. We kindly ask you to consider your accommodation here in Milan several weeks prior to your arrival at MFI. Non-EU students should be aware that proof of accommodation may be necessary in order to complete an application for a student visa. Please note you will also be required to pay a deposit of one to three months’ rent when you sign the contract. Always ask for a signed receipt of payment.

Milan Fashion Institute collaborates with online agencies that manage rooms and houses for rent, for more information contact: info@milanofashioninstitute.it. These agencies are online accommodation platform for students and professionals who want to book mid to long-term accommodation. Choose the easiest way to find an accommodation: each apartment advertised on our website is personally visited by a professional photographer who takes photos, an HD video and designs a floor plan of the property. 

We offer tenants accurate property descriptions and photos, allowing them to make an informed decision before even arriving to their new home. In addition to these services, MFI is internationally recognized, also offers 60 university credits and a double degree, but I already talked about this in the last post.

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