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May 8, 2023 11:25:37 AM

What does a Fashion Manager do and how to become one: Step – by – Step guide


A Fashion Manager is a professional who deals with the management of a company or a brand in the fashion sector. This job consists in organizing, coordinating, and supervising all activities related to the production, distribution, and promotion of the company's products.

The Fashion Manager is driven by a strong passion for fashion, combined with strong technical knowledge and managerial skills. We are therefore talking about a "full relief" professional figure, who knows how to move in different areas and situations.

To become a Fashion Manager, it is important to follow a course of study consistent with one's aspirations, trying to make the most of the information and skills acquired.

Let's see together what are the necessary steps to be able to access the career of a Fashion Manager and what are the most useful tips.

How to Become a Fashion Manager?

To become a Fashion Manager, it is necessary to have a solid education in the field of fashion and business administration. A common course of study includes a degree in Fashion Sciences or Business Economics, followed by a Masters in Fashion Management.
For those who want to pursue a career as a Fashion Manager, gaining work experience in the fashion industry is equally important. Internships in companies in the sector, as well as participation in research and development projects, can be considered as an excellent first experience, which helps the student to make himself known and develop the skills.

To emerge as a professional in the fashion industry, it is also essential to keep the network constantly updated on market trends and the technology used in the textile industry. From this point of view, the internationality of one's academic context is very important.

The advice is to choose realities capable of welcoming new things, capable of helping students to open up to the outside world.

In addition to training and experience, to become a Fashion Manager it is necessary to possess some specific skills. First and foremost, it is important to have a strong aptitude for problem-solving and human resource management. A good Fashion Manager must be able to coordinate a team of professionals and make quick and effective decisions to ensure the success of the company.

Furthermore, creativity is another key feature of a Fashion Manager's job. This professional figure must in fact be able to conceive new innovative products that are in line with market trends but also distinctive from competitors.

Finally, communication skills are essential for a Fashion Manager: this professional must be able to interface with customers, stakeholders, and the media to promote the company's image in the global fashion market.

The combination of all these characteristics creates the profile of the perfect Fashion Manager, ready to respond to the needs of companies and ensure their growth.

Some Masters to become a Fashion Manager

For your future as a Fashion Manager, Milano Fashion Institute offers you various Masters in Fashion Direction that will allow you to put your talent to good use, specialize in the area closest to you and thus get one step closer to your final goal: your career of your dreams. Any examples?

    • - Masters in Fashion Direction: Brand & Business Management. This Master, structured in 720 hours of classroom lessons (or even remote) and 480 hours of internship, aims to create professionals capable of planning and managing the online and offline distribution and marketing of companies in the fashion system.
    • - Masters in Fashion Direction: Brand & Product Management. This Master’s is also structured in a more theoretical part and a purely practical one, for a total of 1200 hours. Thanks to courses that touch several areas, you will be trained on different ready-to-wear, to be able to manage brand management and collection development processes.
    • - Masters in Fashion Direction: Brand & Communication Management. At the heart of this Master’s is communication and the importance it has in today's fashion world. This brand trains students who want to base their careers on communication, even digital, and on the innovations that are changing the fashion system.

If your dream is to become a Fashion Manager, Milano Fashion Institute is the right place to lay the foundations for your future career: 96% of our students find a job after the Master's and there are many testimonials from satisfied students that we have collected in years. If you have any questions or would like more information, write to us: we are ready to give you all the answers you need.

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