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Jun 19, 2020 10:45:37 AM

What is fashion communication? Definition and career opportunities

To deal with this issue, we must firstly understand the period we are experiencing. It was and still is a particular period never experienced before, because never (excluding the "Spanish" in the 20s) has the population found itself living in a lockdown system. I imagine that even for you who are reading, it was a dull period during which we had to stay, some alone and some with loved ones, closed inside our house. Unfortunately, many were unable to work while e others have switched to smart working.


And who is responsible for the communication of a company?

These people have worked hard, or rather 200%! That work was done online, from their computer, from home, from the kitchen or from the living room. Many companies have had to reinvent themselves by disrupting their work methodology and relationship with employees and also with customers. Every meeting has become "a call", every aperitif has become "a meeting" and every lesson has become "a webinar". The terms changed but in the end, what they wanted to do was continue their life and never stop.

And how did the Fashion Companies behave?

The Communication sector has kept companies alive as a sort of lifeblood (in this case perhaps it is better to call it "Vaccine"). "Hi there we are and we haven't stopped!", this was what every company showed: to continue to be there. Communication is the possibility for every company to get noticed, to certify its presence, and to be always on the front line on every issue.

And now that we are no longer in lockdown?

Everything has remained that way, communication will be more and more at the base of every company. Sometimes it is an industry that is underestimated but instead, it is indispensable.

And you? Would you like to be indispensable? Would you like to work in this sector?

Milano Fashion Institute offers a master's degree in Communication focused on different interdisciplinary themes for better understanding and managing the processes of fashion product development and marketing through the whole pipeline. Within our masters there is an internship period that is one of the most salient experiences offered by the master course and is supported by a network of leading firms in the fashion sector, thanks also to the cooperation with the National Chamber for Italian Fashion and by a rich network of relationships established over the years by the three founding universities with the Italian and international fashion business system.

This master’s degree is aimed to train young professionals with advanced communication and digital skills (i.e. verbal and visual), a deep artistic and cultural knowledge, together with organizational and management skills. Professional figures are Junior professionals able to support the style and marketing areas, as Fashion Stylist, Fashion Editor, Visual and Artistic Researcher, and Trend Analyst, Cool Hunter, Junior Marketing Manager, Event Manager; the communication area, as Communication Manager, Social Media Manager, Digital PR, Digital Content Manager, PR Manager, Press Office Manager; lastly, the cultural & heritage area, as Cultural Heritage Manager, or Corporate Sustainability Manager. If you discover our Master in Fashion Direction: Brand & Communication Management, don't hesitate to contact us!

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