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Jul 6, 2018 10:50:59 AM

Where to study fashion management if not in Milan, the cradle of Italian fashion?

Your training path has led you to choose the path of fashion management. Italy is full of institutions, both private and public, but you are not yet clear which of these will be the chosen one. Of course you will have to evaluate the training offer, the qualities and experience of the teachers, the specific services guaranteed, the financial facilities and all the educational activities included. There is one aspect, however, that is often overlooked by those in search of the right master in fashion: the city in which to achieve it. Milano Fashion Institute has elected Milan, true cradle of fashion and business made in Italy. In fact, the experience of Milan should not be underestimated and can be a training path in its own right. You find out why studying fashion management in Milan is an, practically, obligatory choice!



A training course in the fashion industry, with a focus on business and direction, can only belong to Milan. The Italian metropolis par excellence is known, in Italy and abroad, for many different aspects, among which fashion and business stand out for their importance. In fact, Milan is a fervent and constantly moving city, in practice "a city that never sleeps". Simply by living in this city you can increase your soft skills, becoming more responsible, organized, fast and determined. Milan is a city that shapes and fascinates, it is a city that gives skills and offers inspiration for the life and for the work.

All these elements combined create a great incubator of talents and Milano Fashion Institute is proud to be part of it. But let's see why "living Milan" is so important, both on a personal level and on a professional level.

EVENTS: the fashion week

One of the most famous and chatted events taking place in the Milanese metropolis is undoubtedly the fashion week. In these seven days, Milan dresses again. Fans of enthusiasts pour the streets in search of attention, while the experts try to take inspiration from the collections on stage on the various catwalks. The whole city is upset and every corner begins to exude creativity and eccentricity. Our students, although they do not deal directly with the artistic part of fashion, have the opportunity to see with their own eyes how the sector works, what is behind an event of this magnitude and how much precision is needed because the golden patina that characterizes the fashion business remains fixed in front of the eyes of fashion addicted.

Fashion Week, however, is not just catwalks, sequins and private parties. Fashion Week is also an opportunity to increase its skills in the sector. How? Thanks to the many events organized during this week, such as fashion shows and in-depth courses with high-level exponents in the sector. You never stop learning, therefore, not even in apparently mundane events like this.

THE MUSEUMS: Palazzo Morando

Culture is a very important part of the personal training of each individual, and acquires an even greater importance if the sector in which one wants to integrate professionally is called "fashion". During the period of study at Milano Fashion Institute, the student can acquire specific notions for the selected area, but also general notions about the history of fashion and its background. And what could be better than studying the fashion history directly in front of a masterly packaged dress belonging to a bygone era?

Palazzo Morando is the ideal place to get lost in the history of clothing. Depending on the period and the exhibition, it will be possible to admire clothes from all the historical cycles, passing from the 18th century ceremonial dresses up to the first suits for the working woman. All enclosed within the splendid eighteenth-century halls of the Palazzo Morando in Milan. To work to the best of their potential and achieve their professional goal, it is always advisable to first get lost in the past and understand what has characterized certain choices and what has caused certain changes of course. And then, it must be said, that both the eye and the heart want their part: a museum like the one in Palazzo Morando is definitely the right place to dream a little bit and let yourself be fascinated by never known eras.

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EXPERIENCES ON THE FIELD: the Milanese Fashion Companies

Milan, as already pointed out, is the cradle of fashion. Its fashion district is one of the largest and most important in Italy and, as such, it is the right springboard for its professional career in the fashion business. Those who have embarked on a management path in this specific sector, like the students of Milano Fashion Institute, know how important it is to have access to internships within these working realities (we will talk about this in detail in the article "Internship in fashion: the fundamental tool for working in fashion").

Working closely with the major players in the industry not only increases the student's operational capabilities, but helps him to develop the famous soft skills, qualities without which it will be difficult to make their way into the fashion world. Milan also offers: direct training at the most important fashion companies in the world. Milano Fashion Institute, in fact, provides a period of Internship of several months within its compulsory educational path, and this greatly increases the quality of service offered to the students.


Milan is a city to be experienced in all its facets. Obviously, in addition to the purely cultural and professional component, this great metropolis offers much more to a young student in search of novelty and personal growth.

We at Milano Fashion Institute are very attached to our city, because it is the perfect embodiment of modernity, but also a small glimpse of the past. Milano is certainly a highly qualified teacher of life and we are sure will accompany you with care and tenacity towards achieving your professional goal.

Should you need more information on the Milano Fashion Institute's master's programs, on its training courses and on the disciplinary internships, contact us! Our team will be happy to explain how MFI works and advise you on the most suitable course for you.

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