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Sep 9, 2020 9:50:18 AM

Where to study sustainable fashion? The answer is Milan.


We have always defined Milan as a city that awaits nothing and nobody and continues straight on the path of innovation. Innovation is present in many fields, from food to retail, from business to design, and even fashion has not missed anything. The innovation within the world of fashion is characterized by different components, one of which is "Sustainability".

How a luxury fashion product can be sustainable?

If it is true that the sustainability concept is not a temporary trend, in the contemporary, it’s a realistic approach to design and to create a new individual and collective corporate behavior, related to the surrounding world. In fashion, we can define this as a real strategic asset in which to invest and on which to investigate tools and working methods in order to be able to manage a product/service system and process complex and sustainable. If you are interested in this topic we advise you to deepen your studies giving a precise cut to your professional future.

Milano Fashion Institute gives you two opportunities

The first opportunity is the Master in Fashion Direction: Product Sustainability Managent, and the second is the New Sustainable Fashion course.

Our master created in collaboration with Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana.

Sustainability is one of the main pillars of the strategy of the Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana, a pioneering association in the dissemination of the values ​​of sustainability and social responsibility in luxury fashion. The Master has the objective of training a professional figure with a strong knowledge of environmental, economic, social and productive sustainability that will characterize the luxury fashion sector. Let's see some specializing courses of the Master.

Sustainability For Fashion

The aim of the module is to clarify what is meant by sustainability in the various disciplinary areas and, above all, the different meanings that sustainability assumes in the fashion sector; environmental, economic, social and productive sustainability are some of the insights that will be made during the module to better understand how Italian luxury fashion companies are involved.

Materials Innovation

The module will address, through the direct testimony of business experts and not only, the issues of creating new materials for product and process sustainability.

Retail Sustainability & Bio Architecture

The goal of this module is to show how sustainability can change the design scales and understand retail spaces, showrooms, until fully sustainable complex architectures.

New Sustainable Fashion: live four sustainable weeks in Milan

Sustainability is reshaping the rules of the game of the fashion industry. Starting the long and complex journey of integrating ethics and aesthetics into the value chain, working on responsible innovation is nowadays not just desirable but necessary. Nowadays the companies need to make a “sustainable” business model also “contemporary”, answering the needs of the Millennials and the future generations. A careful use of technology could catalyze this shift.

The short course “New Sustainable Fashion”, is aiming at preparing graduate and graduating students, young managers, professionals and young entrepreneurs to deal with the complexity of responsibility in the fashion industry by providing concrete tools and sharing inspiring business practices.

Contact us, we will be happy to give you more information.