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Nov 13, 2018 4:00:00 PM

Why choose Milan Fashion Institute for your training in fashion.

The educational goal on which Milan Fashion Institute is founded is to create competent professional figures in a specific sector of the fashion industry. Thanks to the dedication of the founders and the quality of the educational service offered, Milan Fashion Institute has become one of the most complete fashion institutes on the Italian scene. Students from all over the world alternate between the corridors of our institute and contribute to making the experience unique in its kind. In this article we want to talk a bit about ourselves, what makes us special and the values we continue to carry forward, year after year.


The reason why Milan Fashion Institute is special

The fashion world is incredibly wide and includes completely different professions. You can become part of this scintillating mechanism as make-up artists, as models, but also as brand managers and artistic directors. Given the wide market, Milan Fashion Institute has decided to specialize in a particularly important area for this sector: management. The primary goal of the institute is to train highly qualified figures in the management field, able to bring value to the company, both with professional skills and with personal skills (soft skills).

Milan Fashion Institute, therefore, does not train designers, but managerial figures, able to take responsibility, to evaluate the best steps to take, and to analyze the market and the progress of the strategies implemented. Figures like these are the foundation of all companies in this sector, as much as creativity is for the designer. Indeed, fashion is art and inspiration, but it is also planning and organization, attention to detail, analysis of preferences and trends: in short, fashion is a driving economic machine that has, especially in our country, a significant weight.

Milan Fashion Institute is not like other private fashion institutes, but is characterized by a purely academic background. The institute was born, in fact, from the collaboration of three of the most important Italian universities: Politecnico of Milan, Bocconi University and Cattolica del Sacro Cuore University. The three universities have put their excellences in the field of fashion and management in the field, thus giving life to an institute devoted primarily to the work and personal development of the student in the fashion sector. The student is at the center, as evidenced by the institution's choice to create courses with a limited number of participants. In this way the new graduate is a participant in the first person, is followed and is able to actively confront both with the teachers and with the master's colleagues. The teachers chosen for specialist education, then, come from the three universities mentioned above and have a very high level of cultural and professional background. Therefore, in order to become part of the fashion industry, it is essential to have acquired a high quality specialist training program, and this is what Milano Fashion Institute provides.

What makes the difference

Participating in a professional master's degree is undoubtedly an investment, both for the family and for the student. Many institutions are hiding behind the hopes of young graduates and offer generalist masters at prohibitive costs. In addition to the damage, even the joke: after having invested time and money in a master of this type, the feedback at the working level is not as hoped. Milan Fashion Institute operates in a different way and tries to provide the student with not only the tools to enter fully into the sector, but also specific services to accompany him during the educational process.

It’s really important to acquire information about fashion courses and job  opportunities resulting from them. For this reason Milano Fashion Institute  follows the student from the beginning of his journey: to provide him a full  service.


The first and complementary benefit is the city hosting the institute: Milan. As the beating heart of Italian fashion, at both the executive and creative levels, it makes the city the ideal place to grow as people and professionals. Living Milan does not mean only to lose oneself in the beauty of its buildings and in the inspiration of its night clubs, but it means changing perspective and way of relating to life. Milan is frenetic, lively, cheerful, serious, artistic, haughty, creative and "open minded": it is this breadth of view that allows the student to grow as a professional and get noticed in a changing world such as fashion.

The constant support

Milan Fashion Institute never leaves its students unheard. From the moment of their request for information up to the time of the diploma, the students are followed and helped in every request and need. The tactics of many private institutions, on the other hand, provide for a present and kind relationship in the first phase of "request for information", to then gradually diminish until it disappears. Once the goal has been reached, the student's registration, he becomes one of the many and is less and less listened to and helped. For Milan Fashion Institute this is an incorrect behavior, as well as unprofessional. As already mentioned above, the student is at the center, and for that reason he is followed throughout the academic year by a dedicated support team.

Placement service

In addition to the internship period foreseen for each course, and fundamental for the improvement of the personal and professional skills of the student, Milan Fashion Institute offers a specific placement service at the end of the master's program. Given the close collaboration with a large number of both Italian and foreign fashion companies, the Institute ensures timely support in the search for employment in these international companies. Specific meetings are organized, where the student is put in touch in person with the reference company. If the work done during the curricular internship was particularly appreciated, Milan Fashion Institute can act as a direct link between the company and the student, making it possible to have a personal and decisive meeting.

Formative Credit

All the Masters of Milan Fashion Institute are certified for the disbursement of formative credits. In the event that the student wants to continue on a university training path, he / she can convert the months of specialist training of the master of Milan Fashion Institute, into a specific number of ECTS. This further speeds up the study times, and allows the student to become expendable in the shortest possible time. It is very important, nowadays, to quickly enter the world of work: this is why the first-level masters of the Milan Fashion Institute condense in one year everything that the student needs to fit in properly in the world of work.

In Conclusion

Italian fashion has always been one of the pillars on which the whole world fashion system is based. Students from all over the world choose Italy to complete part of their studies in the fashion field. This is why Milan Fashion Institute focuses on quality teaching, on all-round service and on student care: to make it truly competent and able to play an important role in an international fashion company.

If you want to know more in depth how our institute has helped young students to grow and grab the work for which they have worked so hard, read the report below with the testimonies of our former students. If you want more precise information on masters and short courses, contact us here.

Testimonianze studenti MFI