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Jun 3, 2019 11:31:28 AM

With a jewellery management course your professional growth is assured!

Is there a specificity in the design project of a Jewellery? What skills, disciplines or knowledge does it involve? Is it about art, fashion or design? Industry or craftsmanship? Is it a symbol of status and wealth or creativity?



The jewellery is able to establish links between the external world, the one concerning the system of goods, commerce, social relations, and the private world, the intimate one of the identity of each individual, of his own desires and of his own image. The comprehension of this product requires context slips and involves disciplines that are sometimes distant and heterogeneous: design, decorative arts, anthropology, fashion, marketing, management, branding, retail, communication.

The course proposed by Milano Fashion Institute deals with the complexity of the jewellery in its many aspects. Nowadays the jewellery sector is growing more and more, providing a special focus on the job market in which there is the possibility to grow professionally and to reach certain position.

The jewellery market is also focus on the innovation. Introduced nowadays, it continues with a focus on the products and its characteristics, then proceeds to the analysis of the entire production chain. The jewellery market is not overflowing as the fashion market, where to find out an interesting job position is not so easy.

In this sector there is a precise focus on special figures, that are the key players in this market, that are educated only for this role. This is the reason why they would cover a specialized job position.

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The Short Course "Jewellery Today"

To enter in this specific market is also fundamental, to have a right education path, specialized on the market, to be keen to learn qualified skills. One of the most useful and specialized course in Milan is supplied by Milano Fashion Institute: Jewellery Today is a short course, starting on  3rd of February 2020 for 5 weeks. The course will explain to digital artisans and to all those designers or managers who want to embark on a career in jewellery sector, how to combine the beauty of the artisan traditions of jewellery with the advantages of digital technologies. The course starts from the different contexts of jewellery to understand the logic that govern the sector, it continues with a focus on the product and its characteristics, then proceeds to the analysis of the entire production chain, the study of the brand and branding, strategies sales, distribution and communication.

The in-class lessons and the testimonies of the companies and keyplayers of the sector will follow 3 specialized workshops, dedicated to the design of a traditional jewellery, up to the final step with the Entrepreneurship and Start Up course.

This innovative course aims to provide basic knowledge for the development of a business plan and a start up in the jewellery industry. If you want to know more about this specialized course, just contact us here.

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