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Fashion law course is what you need to find a job in a Fashion Company

Posted by Milano Fashion Institute on Apr 9, 2019 10:31:58 AM

Nowadays Fashion is a sector in constant evolution where Fashion law is a very important and fast-developing area, which has been attracting increasing interest at all levels, including businesses, law firms, research and educational institutions. To know specific content about how to take care of the business side of a company in terms of legal is a huge work: this is the reason why a professional figure combining business, law and fashion is strongly required.

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How to study in Italy? Here some aspects to know

Posted by Milano Fashion Institute on Mar 25, 2019 5:00:00 PM

International students ask a lot of questions regarding Italy and what they may need to have and to do, from an administrative and legal point of view, furthermore how to approach the “Italian Lifestyle”. Here there are some tips that you may need to consider to study in Italy and to be prepared for you future.

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Lifestyle management in fashion: what the fashion companies are now looking for!

Posted by Milano Fashion Institute on Mar 13, 2019 3:26:12 PM

The evolution in the fashion world turns faster, faster than any other sector. The reason is very simple: the creativity. The continuous need to innovate, create, amaze and charm makes fashion one of the market sectors combine art and business in a perfect way. Because business is a fundamental part of this ecosystem, which needs firm rules and continuous supervision and careful to always performative. To understand the business processes behind a fashion company, as well as to manage them in the most effective way, it is necessary to take part in a path of particular and innovative training: lifestyle management.

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There are many professional figures in fashion: here are the most sought-after

Posted by Milano Fashion Institute on Dec 27, 2018 8:44:00 AM

Fashion is a complex sector, made of creativity but also of strategic planning, analysis and statistics. In fact, in support of the designer and his artistic vein, there is a whole army of professionals able to transform his inspiration and creativeness into magical products with strong emotional value, thus bringing an ever-increasing number of clients and aficionados closer to the brand. But what are the most requested figures in the fashion industry today? In this article we will analyse three modern professions that are part of communication and creative design, and that are increasingly sought-after by fashion houses.

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How to work in fashion: 2 distinct ways to go

Posted by Milano Fashion Institute on Dec 14, 2018 10:30:00 AM

To work in fashion you need passion and preparation, regardless of the type of role you want to play in your professional future. Starting from this assumption, the roads that wind through the huge fashion industry are many and all different from each other. The key point, however, is and must always be the passion for fashion and for what it embodies. Who wants to have a future in this sector must have an aesthetic sense, a critical eye and nerve. In this article we want to propose two different paths that the student, passionate about fashion, can undertake to fulfill his dream of working in this magical but, at the same time, hard market sector.

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Why choose Milan Fashion Institute for your training in fashion.

Posted by Milano Fashion Institute on Nov 13, 2018 4:00:00 PM

The educational goal on which Milan Fashion Institute is founded is to create competent professional figures in a specific sector of the fashion industry. Thanks to the dedication of the founders and the quality of the educational service offered, Milan Fashion Institute has become one of the most complete fashion institutes on the Italian scene. Students from all over the world alternate between the corridors of our institute and contribute to making the experience unique in its kind. In this article we want to talk a bit about ourselves, what makes us special and the values we continue to carry forward, year after year.

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Master in fashion marketing: here are the steps to find the right one

Posted by Milano Fashion Institute on Oct 30, 2018 9:58:26 AM

After bachelor’s graduation, the student stops to evaluate the types of job opportunities and the various training courses to be undertaken to increase their skills and knowledge. Among these there’s the master in communication and fashion marketing. The omnipresence of fashion in communication channels and the great impact that this sector has on world markets are some of the factors that have led to an ever increasing influx of students to this type of master. But how do you choose the most suitable master for yourself and your work goals? In this article we have enclosed 3 tips that will help you make an informed choice for your future.

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The crossroads after the bachelor degree: Master or Specialized Degree?

Posted by Milano Fashion Institute on Oct 16, 2018 10:02:37 AM

The anxiety from “ and now, what do I do?” is becoming an integral part of the student who has just graduated. The data show that many students who arrived at the first important goal of their studies, find themselves displaced about what concerns their future. Is it better to continue the studies with a specialized degree course, or to specialize in a specific field through a first level master? This is one of the questions that torment the new graduate most and which causes him nightmares: according to a study, many students prefer to postpone their bachelor graduation because they are still unprepared to decide which path to take later. In this article, we tackle this problem and try to provide the student with the necessary information for choosing the most appropriate path for himself.

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How to choose a Master in Fashion Marketing in Milan? Our three advices

Posted by Milano Fashion Institute on Oct 5, 2018 11:38:52 AM

Having a clear idea of what to do after university studies is already a good first step. If you choose to take the path of the master in the Fashion Industry, it’s necessary to understand what direction to take because the possible addresses to choose are a lot and completely different from each other. The offer ranges from specific masters to acquire skills in design and creative development, up to masters in fashion business to increase managerial skills in a prolific sector such as fashion. There is still a choice to be made, therefore, for the newly graduated student:  what’s type of master in fashion to be pursued? In this article we want to give three advice on how to choose the most appropriate master in fashion, based on the market and the character of the person who will attend it.

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Soft skills for employment: why soft skills are the key to a successful job

Posted by Milano Fashion Institute on Sep 20, 2018 9:58:53 AM

Successful work is the dream of any university student. It is in this environment, in fact, that the desire for personal growth and emancipation begins to take shape within the student. Here then the thought of post-graduation becomes more insistent, with questions and doubts attached.

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