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Short fashion courses in Italy? Discover Milano Fashion Institute’s

Posted by Milano Fashion Institute on Aug 6, 2019 10:44:05 AM

Are you a student just graduated? What do you think about doing a short course that teaches you a defined craft? When you finish your studies you find the “limbo situation” in which you have your head in the middle of a hurricane. “I’d like to do that, I’d like to do that one”, ”Maybe I should submit that application, or maybe not, I’m not really prepared  for that job”, these are the phrases that pass like a bus on the Milanese bypass street, in our brains: back and forth, always! Phrases that are as discouraging as the answers you might hear once you submit your resume: “You have little experience, we’re looking for someone more senior”, “Your resume isn’t attractive enough”

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Fashion industry 4.0: the new frontier of fashion

Posted by Milano Fashion Institute on Jul 29, 2019 12:22:23 PM

Citizens of Milan can say that they live in a city at the forefront of digital transformation. The citizens themselves are aware that they are not victims of them, but they are creators. Milan is a city that has always relied on the work of those who inhabited: was the city of the "mondine" (workers who were picking rice), it was the "futurist" city, it was the working-class city of Lambretta, it has become the city of the Stock Exchange, and now it has become one of the cities that offers innovative solutions for those who live there being the first Smart City of Italy. Well, Milan is the leader of digital experimentation that leads citizens to live in one of the most efficient European metropolises. Digital transformation is a transversal attitude that affecting many sectors of the industry, also in fashion world.

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Masters in Italy for international students: here are some excellent path to follow

Posted by Milano Fashion Institute on Jul 24, 2019 3:55:55 PM

Italy can boast of being one of the most beautiful countries in the world thanks to the presence of different scenarios that frame its sky. We can immerge ourselves in the crystal clear waters of the land of Conero, stroll along the hills of Maremma and Tuscia tasting good wine, climb Europe's highest mountains tasting cured meats and Valdostan cheeses, do jogging among the green fields characteristic of Lomellina, photograph the wonderful Milanese skyline, or lock yourself in a museum and admire the history of art that our country has always been the protagonist. In conclusion, Italy is a place full of wonders to visit that would fill the agenda even of a foreign prime minister.

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With a jewellery management course your professional growth is assured!

Posted by Milano Fashion Institute on Jun 3, 2019 11:31:28 AM

Is there a specificity in the design project of a Jewellery? What skills, disciplines or knowledge does it involve? Is it about art, fashion or design? Industry or craftsmanship? Is it a symbol of status and wealth or creativity?

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Where to study Fashion in Italy: Milan or Florence?

Posted by Milano Fashion Institute on May 24, 2019 12:09:05 PM

How you could choose where to study and create your future? Italy provides a huge panoramic of cities, where learn and feel the environment is fundamental.

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Fashion Startup Business Plan: learn how to create a fashion brand!

Posted by Milano Fashion Institute on May 10, 2019 11:37:17 AM

Building a brand is definitely a process. However, the ongoing effort is a long-term relationships with your customers. This can lead to increase in sales, more projects, word-of-mouth. Brand building is to generate awareness about your business using marketing strategies and campaigns with the goal of creating a unique product in the marketplace. There are some key steps to follow if you would like to have the right communication, the right product and the right launch in the market and, last but not least, success.

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How to choose from all fashion Courses in Milano? Here some key courses and advices

Posted by Milano Fashion Institute on Apr 24, 2019 3:10:26 PM

Have you ever dreamed of being part of fashion world, but you don’t know how to start? Choose the best Fashion Course in Milan for you could be the best idea, as long as you have the right information in order to be confident about your choices for your future and also to have the possibility to reach your main objectives.

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Fashion law course is what you need to find a job in a Fashion Company

Posted by Milano Fashion Institute on Apr 9, 2019 10:31:58 AM

Nowadays Fashion is a sector in constant evolution where Fashion law is a very important and fast-developing area, which has been attracting increasing interest at all levels, including businesses, law firms, research and educational institutions. To know specific content about how to take care of the business side of a company in terms of legal is a huge work: this is the reason why a professional figure combining business, law and fashion is strongly required.

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How to study in Italy? Here some aspects to know

Posted by Milano Fashion Institute on Mar 25, 2019 5:00:00 PM

International students ask a lot of questions regarding Italy and what they may need to have and to do, from an administrative and legal point of view, furthermore how to approach the “Italian Lifestyle”. Here there are some tips that you may need to consider to study in Italy and to be prepared for you future.

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Lifestyle management in fashion: what the fashion companies are now looking for!

Posted by Milano Fashion Institute on Mar 13, 2019 3:26:12 PM

The evolution in the fashion world turns faster, faster than any other sector. The reason is very simple: the creativity. The continuous need to innovate, create, amaze and charm makes fashion one of the market sectors combine art and business in a perfect way. Because business is a fundamental part of this ecosystem, which needs firm rules and continuous supervision and careful to always performative. To understand the business processes behind a fashion company, as well as to manage them in the most effective way, it is necessary to take part in a path of particular and innovative training: lifestyle management.

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