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Aug 30, 2023 4:44:19 PM

Fashion Schools in Milan: discover the MFI Masters and Courses


Are you looking for a training course dedicated to the world of fashion? Welcome to Milan: the beating heart of style and creativity, the city where Fashion trends take shape and the art of Made in Italy design blends with innovation.

Among the fashion schools active in Milan you will also find MFI, Milano Fashion Institute: our masters and courses are designed for those who, like you, aspire to make their voice heard in the fashion industry. Each training course is an opportunity to express yourself, challenge conventions and free your curious soul.

From digital transformations to the new frontiers of sustainability, we give you the keys to open the doors of a world where creativity knows no limits. In this short guide you can learn more about the masters and courses of MFI, your fashion school in Milan.

MFI Masters for a Successful Career in the Fashion Industry

Our masters prepare you to lead change in the Fashion industry. What? Take a look at the offer from our Fashion School in Milan.

Master in Brand & Product Management. Bold ideas and unmistakable style are the foundations that characterize a brand capable of re-inventing itself whenever the market and consumers require it. Thanks to this master you will acquire all the project management, communication, and design skills necessary to become the manager that the companies of the Fashion system of the future require: visionary, creative, and irreverent.

Master in Brand & Luxury Management. Today Fashion does not offer products, but experiences. Strengthened by this awareness, in MFI we thought of a training course that would merge the skills on how business logic works within the Fashion sector with those related to consumer purchasing processes. Issues in constant evolution and revolution: The best managers in the fashion industry know the most effective brand enhancement strategies and know how to customize them according to the experience that each of them wants to offer to their customers.

Master in Brand & Business Management. Connecting many small dots and creating something unique: This is the vision that should guide the work of a specialized Brand & Business Manager. In MFI we teach you just that: amalgamate the work of all the professionals active in the Fashion sector and thus lead a collaborative, capable, and energetic team.

Master in Fashion Design & Management. Express your creativity without limits in the fashion world. This master's program blends the art of design with key skills in governance and communication. Learn how to successfully manage every aspect of a fashion brand with an innovative learning experience that embodies the spirit of your generation.

A path to express your full potential: MFI courses

At the center of every training path is your passion: choose the course most in line with your professional goals and compare yourself with a community of mentors of the highest level. Here are some of the professional courses at Milano Fashion Institute.

Course in Fashion Law. Behind every creative process lies the need to be able to count on an expert to observe the rights of models and drawings, as well as protection in the event of plagiarism, falsification, or counterfeiting of garments and products. We are talking about the Fashion Lawyer: a role increasingly requested by companies in the Fashion sector, as it is updated on news and evolutions in the Fashion sector and law.

Course in New Sustainable Fashion. A more responsible and ethical sector: In this MFI course dedicated to sustainability you will delve into the new business models adopted by the Fashion system in response to market demands, in this case to the will of Generation Z. A fashion that includes within the concept of "beauty" themes such as diversity, inclusion while combating Fast Fashion and the risks that derive from it.

Why choose MFI among the fashion schools in Milan?

We offer you eclectic training courses: our masters and courses embrace every aspect of the fashion industry to deepen all aspects of this world and discover which role best suits your vision and skills.

You learn more from practical experience. Therefore, in addition to offering you solid theoretical training, we give you the opportunity to put into practice, in a close circle, all the concepts learned in class. Moving from knowing to knowing is important: during the 480-hour internship for each master you will immerse yourself completely in the Fashion industry, you will collaborate with experienced professionals and you will see with your own eyes how the Fashion sector really works.

You will also have the opportunity to create a valuable network: a first important step towards your future in the world of Fashion. Our fashion school in Milan is ready to accompany you from here: fill out the dedicated form to ask us any questions or curiosities about our professionalizing courses and masters.

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