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Aug 25, 2021 11:30:00 AM

English taught programs in Italy: discover the ones at Milano Fashion Institute


Hello, have you left for the holidays yet? What part of the world are you in? Sea, mountain, lake or hill? Let’s just hope you’re safe! Today we want to explain to you how Milano Fashion Institute extends to everyone the right to participate in its courses and masters by standardizing the way of communicating: by only using the English language. We are an Italian institute that boasts international members, teachers and guests. Milan is an international city that has become a symbol of business, management and fashion. So why not combine it all?

Our masters and courses are in English to provide opportunities to students from all over the world to benefit from them. As for our masters, we organize interview days before the internship period, where each interview will be done by a company representative, HR or sector manager, in English. However, many companies also positively evaluate international students who speak Italian, perhaps because the company is based in Italy or because it is well-rooted in local traditions. Milano Fashion Institute offers students the opportunity to follow an Italian course with B1 Plida certificate with the Dante Alighieri Society.

Are you a foreign student? Have you ever thought of settling in Italy?

Think about it because this certificate not only gives you the opportunity to complete the master but can also give you the opportunity to apply for Italian citizenship. Milano Fashion Institute will follow you step by step through the enrolment process to the master. On our website within the relevant master, you will find all the useful information to come to Italy.

Milano Fashion Institute is committed to mentor international students and in particular extra-E.U. citizens, in order to fully understand what is the procedure to follow for remaining in Italy and attending MFI Masters. The information provided below is alternatively for non E.U. citizens and for E.U. citizens.

For the student Non E.U. citizens there is a procedure to be done before arriving in Italy, you need a student visa. A visa is a permit issued to citizens of another country that is not part of the European Union, in order to enter the territory of the Italian Republic.

In order to attend a Milano Fashion Institute Master, prospective students that are not E.U. citizens must have the student VISA. This visa is specifically dedicated to students who will attend a course and remain in Italy for more than 90 days.

The student visa must be requested at the Italian Embassy or at the Italian Consulate in your home country of origin, or in the country in which the student permanently resides, before the departure to Italy.

During the process of requesting the visa, students are required to present their enrollment certificate to the local Italian Embassy or Consulate.

Milano Fashion Institute provide the enrollment certificate to the eligible prospective students in 5 working days.

The Italian law on immigration states that extra-EU citizens, planning to stay in Italy for more than 3 months, have to apply for a residence permit within 8 days from their arrival in Italy.

Extra E.U. citizens have to submit the residence permit application at any post office where there is a Sportello Amico counter available. In order to do that students can obtain the kit directly at the post office and follow the instructions. They are requested also to present the following documents: passport, MFI enrollment certificate, photocopy of the receipt of the Health insurance and a duty. From the post office you will be given an appointment for going to the Immigration Office in order to be fingerprinted. Once the student has arrived in Italy, it is necessary to obtain the “codice fiscale”, which is a unique tax identification code used in all the interactions with government agencies and public administration in Italy, as well as for other purposes. Application is easy and must be made at the local office of the Agenzie delle Entrate by showing a valid passport or stay permit.

European Union’s citizens, along with citizens from Norway, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Iceland, who will remain in Italy for more than 90 months are mandatorily required to register at the Registry Office of the municipality in the city of Milan.

As you can see Milano Fashion Institute follows you step by step, so, do you have any questions about it? We are waiting for you!

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