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Apr 24, 2019 3:10:26 PM

How to choose from all fashion Courses in Milano? Here some key courses and advices

Have you ever dreamed of being part of fashion world, but you don’t know how to start? Choose the best Fashion Course in Milan for you could be the best idea, as long as you have the right information in order to be confident about your choices for your future and also to have the possibility to reach your main objectives.



“I am a young student, how could I choose the perfect Fashion Course to be part of the world of Fashion and build my career?” In the past, there weren’t as many possibilities as today. Only a few schools in Italy provide the chance to enter in the professional world of Fashion, where Milan is the epicenter.

Here you could find some advices to set a key guide for your future choice.

#1 Career

First of all, for the Fashion Courses it is necessary to evaluate the possible Career that a student would like to have and all the career opportunities available in that sector, making the good choice is crucial for the next steps, to improve your career and to achieve your main goals.


#2 Courses

You should secondly evaluate the university courses, check if they are recognized as specialized courses, with a certification that demonstrate that you are allowed to work. Some of courses in Italy are specialized courses but without any authentic and recognized certificate that demonstrate that you have attended a specialized course.  One of the best Institute in Milan is Milano Fashion Institute, based on the competence and experience of three of the most important Italian Universities, providing specialized courses fully recognized such as :


  • Fashion Law

Managing Fashion & Luxury companies requires a deep understanding of the legal framework that is characterizing the core internal processes of the companies, as well as the relations with clients and other external parties.

  • Fashion 4.0

Digital Manufacturing for Fashion.

Innovation for the Fashion System, one of the key sectors of the Italian economy, doesn’t depend only on product innovations, but the role that new digital technologies have applied to design and production processes is increasingly crucial. Industry 4.0, or smart manufacturing, is called the fourth industrial revolution because it can substantially redefine the way in which designers and companies work and respond to the changing needs of the market and consumers.

  • Jewellery Today

Design, Management, Communication and Start Up.

The jewellery is able to establish links between the external world, the one concerning the system of goods, commerce, social relations - and the private world, the intimate one of the identity of each individual, of his own desires and of his own image.

  • Startup For Fashion

It isn’t a just managerial and strategic skills. New technologies and a reshaped competitive environment have radically changed the concept of a company and the way ventures are created, from the structure, to the processes, up to new professional roles, design innovations and emerging business models.

  • New Sustainable Fashion

Supported by Vogue Talents.

Starting the long and complex journey of integrating ethics and aesthetics into the value chain, working on responsible innovation is nowadays not just desirable but necessary. Nowadays the companies need to make a “sustainable” business model also “contemporary”.

 If you want to learn more about it, schedule a call with us. We can provide  you with all the answer you need.


#3 Alumni experiences

Have a look at the alumni that attended the Institute years ago and check their careers. It is always a good way to verify if you are in the right place. You can check out the Milano Fashion Institute alumni testimonies here.


#4 Check editorial or rankings

Always verify if the courses are recognized by the University and also if the partnership is valuable.


We hope to have resolved some of your doubts. If you need to receive more information contact us here. Our team is ready to answer any of your questions!

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