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Aug 27, 2021 1:30:00 PM

Sustainability management degree? Here's the right master: Product Sustainability Management


What is sustainability in the fashion world? We have all certainly heard of the concept because now planet earth requires us - its inhabitants- to implement sustainability on every front, including the fashion sector.

A brief introduction on the topic:

Sustainability in the fashion sector, as in the wider luxury sector, is a topic that has been discussed for about twenty years now. But, it has only been manifesting evidently among the titans in the sector for a few years. Since the publication of the first Sustainable Fashion Manifesto in 2011, promoted by the National Chamber of Italian Fashion, a series of guidelines were outlined to embrace all the phases of product creation. From the most initial research phases and conception, to those following the disposal of the products. Today, the question of “sustainable product” enters compellingly not only in the national debate but also in the international one. However, the "fashion" sector, referring to the clothing industry, has not stood still especially in Italy, where there have been several innovations introduced by luxury brands, and beyond.

Nowadays, the question of "sustainable fashion products" means avoiding creating discrimination between market segments and finding design solutions that can be integrated in all sectors of the market, both fast and high-end fashion. An example of that would be the search for new bio-based materials which can be applied in capsule collections and wider product ranges. We also talk about vegetable leather or even the research on the fabric obtained with marble powder. The cooperation between processes and different industrial sectors generates a unique product from both a technical and functional aspect. Sustainability is a wide topic!

Having said that, let’s discuss our Master Fashion Direction: Product Sustainability Management!

This is the first Master in collaboration with the National Chamber of Italian Fashion. This clearly is an added value with the Milano Fashion Institute’s reputation and experience which act jointly as a guarantor to your future. For MFI it is very important that you have a successful career in your fashion sector and, in this case, in the sustainability one. We have an extensive list of partners, which you can find on our website in the appropriate section, which can act as a launching pad for your career.

Our masters include a compulsory internship of a minimum period of three months, in which you can deepen your working knowledge in the world of fashion, luxury and lifestyle.

Want to see an example of what will be taught?

Within the master, we divide the lessons into two sections: common courses and specialized courses. Within the specialized modules, the ones of utmost interest are Fashion Processes, Fashion Practices and Curiosity.

Here are three examples of courses:

Supply Chain Management & Responsible Innovation: this course will allow you to understand what social audits are and will provide the fundamental tools for structuring sustainability reports in the fashion sector. During the lessons, the model of the Renewed Fashion Value Chain will be introduced and the following drivers of responsible innovation change will be explored: supply chain traceability and transparency, circularity, collaborative consumption. You will also be introduced to the 4.0 technologies world, such as the use of Blockchain, for traceability and transparency of the supply chain.

Fibers, Materials & Accessories: the aim of the module is to investigate the issues related to materials, their generation within production chains, specifying, both upstream and downstream processes. How the Italian textile-fashion-accessory companies operate from the point of view of sustainability. A specific focus will be shed on the chemical aspect of materials, finishes, dyes through direct testimonials from industry experts. Another aspect that will be treated is nanotechnologies applied to fabrics which transform their physical and mechanical characteristics.

Materials Innovation: this module will address, through the direct testimony of business experts and more, the issues of creating new materials for sustainable product and processes. During the module there will be an opportunity to design an innovative material through a workshop for material generation.

You can find all the information about the course on the special page of our master and do not hesitate to contact us!

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