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Jun 5, 2018 3:20:07 PM

How to find a job with a specialization course? Here is a small guide

Usually after the degree the student decides to avoid the continuation of traditional studies - the master's degree – in order to give a job oriented training to his/her career. In these cases the most popular choice is that of the master: specific training able to provide a concrete opportunity to enter the world of work. But there is master and masters, and not everyone is able to provide the much-needed employment. Which ones should you invest in for your future? Let's see them together in this article.


The characteristics of quality Masters

Even before entering into the question, we believe it is necessary to make a clarification: it is important to choose the area in which to enter a master's diploma, but it is equally important to verify that its characteristics are of high quality and promote the personal and professional growth of the student. In this regard, there are some rules to follow to find the best institution for your post-graduate education.

  • The pillar of a training course is the teachers. It is therefore essential to learn about their professional background, in order to have a clear idea of the value these can give to the student.
  • The training proposed by the master must be specific and vertical. We sincerely hope that there are no "general" masters who provide basic skills without giving a real stamp to the student. These courses would be almost irrelevant for training purposes, as the student would have so many general notions and no specialization.
  • The master must have an operational approach, and then put the student in the condition to try and put into practice what he has learned in the lectures. The use of the tools of the trade is a characteristic of the master, or at least it should be.
  • Another important element that should not be missing in the master is the internship guaranteed in the company. In order to be able to learn and have a serious chance of future employment, the student must be able to work directly in the field, as well as see how the job for which it is preparing really works.

All these points are part of the minimum characteristics that an Institute must have in order to propose a serious and good quality master. As for the choice of the area in which to continue their training, let's see together the best masters to find work.

#Business School

Born out of the need to provide companies with managerial professional figures, Business Schools are institutes that provide training for managers and professionals in the administration field. These offer short training courses that go to complete a purely economic path. In fact, these masters are the springboard for high-level managerial positions. The MBA (Master of Business Administration) is undoubtedly the highest specialization that an economics student can receive, as well as the best business card for the world of work.

The MBA way is, however, designed for a small circle of candidates, or for those who have already embarked on a training path in the economic field. Thinking of attending a master like this without a solid economic, managerial and analytical basis it is unthinkable.

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#Information and Communication Technology

Another area in which it is worth inserting is that of ICT. With the increasing importance acquired by technology in our society, we could not miss a professional master's degree in the digital field to train information and communication professionals. In fact, more and more companies are looking for IT figures to be included in their staff, but also digital marketing professionals. A figure often sought after and that embodies this pressing need is that of the Programmatic Buying Manager, the specialist who analyzes the market and creates all-round advertising strategies. However, his skills do not stop at marketing, but include computer skills and knowledge (programming languages, etc.) and, to complete the whole, even a business training. The training courses for these professional figures, however, are more difficult to find and require a strong propensity to information and marketing to be able to give the results needed.

#Agri-food sector

The agri-food sector is one of the pillar of Italian industry and is constantly growing. For this reason, specific training programs have begun to emerge to train managers and management figures in the agri-food sector. At the present time, knowing how to manage production and strategic processes in the agricultural and food sector is one of the characteristics that is most appealing to companies. There are, in many cases, companies that maybe work in the sector for years but need a renewal to keep up with the demand, but also to manage an increasingly varied number of actors in the supply chain.

#Luxury and Italian excellence

This is undoubtedly one of the areas that most creates work in Italy. The Italian excellences are many, ranging from high quality food products, to the furniture sector up to fashion. In the case of fashion, Italy has always been seen as a beacon in the night and a creator of magic and elegance. This fame, however, needs to be nourished not only by brilliant and creative minds, but also by analytical, managerial and directive minds: in a few words, by managers. So here comes the managerial training path in the fashion field like that of Milano Fashion Institute. Putting together the best professors of Politecnico of Milan, Cattolica University and Bocconi University, Milano Fashion Institute has succeeded in creating three different training courses in top-level fashion management. The three masters have different objectives but all have in common the quality of teaching, a series of technical and practical paths to promote the learning of the student, and a company internship to test the concepts acquired in the classroom.


We hope that this small overview has been useful to choose the most suitable master for your path and your story. Choosing the right work area is important, but do not forget to also have a look at the quality of the institution. Because first of all comes the training, then the title.

If you want to know more about our work, our courses and the jobs that characterize our masters, contact us! We will give you all the information and documentation you need!

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