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Nov 27, 2017 10:47:59 AM

Master in Fashion: what must not be missed

To achieve a certain work goal, the student must show his teeth and constantly engage. However, sometimes it happens that the result does not arrive, despite constancy and commitment. How can this happen? The answer is definitely one: the master chosen was not complete. Following the frequent questions to our team about the ideal composition of a master, today we will discuss about aspects that must not be missed in a fashion master. The master is the instrument to achieve its goals: it is important to choose it consciously.


What cannot be missed in a high-level master in fashion

The masters, as we have seen many times, are high quality training paths that assume to bring the student to another level of education. The purpose of this course is to achieve a well-defined goal in the mind of the student, or to assure it a future working role - or to choose their own future in general - in the specific field. In the case of Milano Fashion Institute, the masters are all referring to the fashion sector and to some of its precise professional roles.

So that the student's experience is high throughout the master's time; so that the lessons learned really make the difference in the next job research; so that the student becomes an added value for the company, it is necessary to follow the way of the professional master. Its structure, unfortunately, is not fixed, or it does not maintain the same characteristics in all contexts. That is why we have decided to focus on what are the basic aspects that every master in fashion should have. Let's start!

Courses aimed at remedy the lacks and giving value

Generally the master has a total duration of one year. In such a short period of time, the Institute must be able to give the student the tools necessary to lead towards the ultimate goal: a profession in the fashion world. The selectivity of the learning course should allow the student to immerse in the subject as well as ensure that it is an unusual experience. The price must match the actual quality.

Common courses-1.pngAt the same time it is unthinkable to proceed with the main issues of the master without taking into account the student's training course. There may be entries from a law degree, or students with marketing and fashion  backgrounds. It is therefore essential to provide basic training, which provides the student notions both practicality - knowledge of tools such as platforms, technologies and programs - and cognitive.

In the specific case of Milano Fashion Institute this aspect is present in the common courses of the various masters, courses that aim precisely to give the students with different background the possibility of falling completely and without uncertainty in the training course.

Discover Milano Fashion Institute through its students testimonies. Here you  are the Report.

Field training course

The master must thoroughly provide an internship in a company. If, for many reasons, this should not be included in the course of study, the advice we give is to leave the idea of initiating it firstly. The internship is the excellent tool, the unique opportunity that allows the student to involve in an unknown field but hoping to enter once the master completed.

Our Institute strongly believes in the Internship, this is the reason why a good part of the master - more or less four months - takes place within important Italian and international fashion companies. Because all of our students can live the full experience and to grows both personally and professionally, we collaborate with the National Chamber of Fashion and with the most famous and important brands of international fashion.

Internship eng.jpg

In addition, the institute organizes educational visits to the production area and administrative offices of fashion companies, as well as educational trips and guided tours to discover curiosity and news in the specific area. The student must be able to learn actively through not only the work of the faculty but also through the direct experience in the fashion industry.

Price, payment and facilities

The Master is a quality training course capable of involving the student in the workplace, its cost is proportionate and therefore high. The reasoning is clear:  for an higher education is required an higher level investment. This can be acceptable, but only if the quality of the courses, the training proposals and services is actually high.

In addition to providing highly professional courses, held by teachers of a certain degree and skills, the institute must be able to help the student at all times. Having one or more people inside the Institute ready to help and listen to student issues seems not to be a priority of the most fashion schools. This reasoning is incorrect as the student pays to have an higher experience in every aspect. At the same time, you need:

  • To provide economic incentives for the deserving students and also based on the financial situation of the family.
  • To provide a delayed payment system to meet the needs of the student and his / her family.
  • To provide the attribution of university credits for completing the course (Milano Fashion Institute offers 60 ECTS).
  • To give the student most of the material for the courses, but also something different and unexpected, as a kit of tools to best follow the lessons (Milano Fashion Institute is usually provided the student the iPad including the material of the lessons, this tool will remain to the student, once the master completed).


The preparatory masters in the fashion world are many and all different. This does not mean, however, that they should not follow certain quality standards. At Milano Fashion Institute we are very focused on our work and we always try to offer the perfect experience for our students before enrollment, during the training course and when they have finished it. Our mission is to give them all the tools needed to fit into the fashion business world, and for that to happen, nothing can be left to change.

If you want to know our masters and our modus operandi, please contact us here.

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