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Jul 19, 2018 11:59:02 AM

Why is fashion marketing in Milan so important? Here are all the job opportunities

The fashion industry is part of a rich and consolidated context in Italy. In any city of the boot you find yourself in, you can stumble uppon eccentric and colorful styles, but also elegant and classy outfits. It is well known, in fact, that in our country’s creativity is the “landlady” and that fashion is an integral part of our being, even on an unconscious level. For this reason it is more than understandable the choice, made by many students, to invest in the world of fashion. Have you chosen, however, the right branch? In this article we will talk about some of the most requested professions in the fashion world, especially Milanese, which have marketing as their focal point.



Let’s start with the assumption that "Made in Italy" is synonymous of elegance, beauty and above all quality. In the fashion industry, Italy began to get noticed in 1951, when, with a well-designed fashion show, the fashion designer Giovan Battista Giorgini bewitched myriads of American buyers, and more. From that moment on, fashion becomes a fundamental part of Italian culture and starts to bring more value to the country. With the industrial boom of those years, then, the first fashion companies were born, which later became the largest and most important of the peninsula. Most of them were located between Milan, Florence and Rome, but Milan was decreed as the city of Italian fashion, probably for its metropolitan and independent character.

Since 1951 many years have passed, and many things have changed over time: the cultural context has changed, fashion has changed - countless times - and also the way of working has changed. Today working in the fashion world, especially in Milan, means committing yourself almost completely, trying new challenges, checking that competitors don’t go over you and, especially, always arriving first. So what are the job opportunities more in line with this new trend? Below we propose 3, those that we from Milan Fashion Institute, consider that reflect more the historical moment in which we are living.


Product Manager

This profession has existed for some time and does not refer only to the fashion industry. In this sector, however, it becomes a fundamental reference figure, as a link between the creative work of the designer, and the sales area with all its acquisition strategies and production management. The Product Manager, in fact, is a sort of glue that keeps together the most important and delicate aspects of the company. In this regard the person who goes to fill this position must have the foundations of economics, marketing and also a specific knowledge of the market and a strong passion for fashion itself. Why? To be able to plan successful sales strategies, you must know how to move in the sector in a very precise way. Furthermore, focusing on a product that is not in line with the market demand can lead either to total defeat or to a resounding success as "innovation". It is therefore important for the Product Manager to have a flair, excellent managerial and organizational skills and a strong sense of fashion.

What kind of background do you need to play such an important role? Certainly a profile coming from a study path in the economics field is appreciable, but it is not the only necessary element for this profession. It is essential to know the complexity of the subject "fashion" and the evolution it has had over the years. In this way it will also be easier to relate with the various actors in the supply chain and understand their actions, structure and strategies.

Milano Fashion Institute’s masters have different focuses, but they all offer a specific path to help students learn about fashion, so that they can understand both the technical and the most intimate aspects. The master that our institute offers to those who want to play the role of Product Manager is undoubtedly Master in Fashion Direction: Brand & Product Management.

 If you want to learn more about it, schedule a call with us. We can provide  you with all the answer you need.


E-Business Manager

An channel that should not be underestimated is that of the E-Business Manager, a high-sounding and still little known title. This professional figure arises from the need of companies to take advantage of the online channel to get closer to potential customers and delight them with their products. The E-Business Manager is therefore a kind of analyst that monitors the movements of online competitors and plans positioning strategies on search engines and optimization of the corporate image. Marketing is therefore a fundamental part of its education, even if, in this case too, the knowledge of the fashion industry is an essential element.

Their duties are not those of the expert Web Marketer, but they are inserted in a more analytical and less communicative context. In fact, the performance of the competitor is one of its fixed tasks, a point from which a whole series of market analyzes related to the product launched or is to be launched. In addition to this, the E-Business Manager is responsible for identifying the company's online target, thus marking the communication path that the Web Marketing department will have to follow, and to implement positioning strategies for the products sold.


Web Communication Manager

The difference between this figure and the one analyzed above is to be found in the way of approaching the market. While the E-Business Manager has a more analytical and mathematical relationship with the fashion industry, the Web Communication Manager is a communication professional. What the whole work of this professional is based on is the user. Its marketing strategies are designed precisely to achieve the best result in terms of conversions and increase in brand visibility. In this regard, the communication Manager must know well the sector in which he/she is inserted, its history, style of communication, the potentially interested target and, obviously, all the online marketing tools to make effective and remunerative communication plans.

Marketing techniques for the fashion industry differ greatly from other areas. Fashion is now a well-established online reality and this leads the Fashion Company to change part of their communication on these channels. Just think of the immense potential of Social Networks like Instagram and Pinterest: their deepest connotation is the image, as it is in fact also for fashion. These are therefore two channels to be used consistently to reach the right audience and communicate with it through a well-structured and catchy feed, through targeted ads and through web stars and industry influencers, which we know are really important for the fashion market.

Where can you learn all of this? The strategies, the tools and the way of communicating are fundamental elements to get to this role. A degree in Modern Literature could be a good start, as very strong and solid bases of communication and form are created. But then begins the path of study that sees marketing in the first place. Milano Fashion Institute offers a master's degree for this: Master in Fashion Direction: Brand & Communication Management. This path includes, in addition to courses in-depth on the history and evolution of fashion, specific courses such as:

  • Digital Fashion
  • Social Media Management
  • Fashion Images & Advertising
  • Brand Communication Strategies

In this way the student can be formed in a complete and secure manner, and come into contact with the corporate realities of Milan thanks to the internships in fashion integrated into the master.



The most sought after jobs in Milanese fashion are increasingly strategic. The big companies are aiming at talented young people able to bring even more value to the company with their soft skills and their expertise in the field. The three figures we have described are projected towards the achievement of concrete objectives. They do not deal with the creation of the dress or the collection, but they try to bring the product out, to show it to the public and to create expectation, interest and a veil of magic around it.

The three professions are distinct and have different tasks, but the aim is always the same: to increase the company's success through specific strategies for entering the market. Milano Fashion Institute has prepared its masters to train professionals in these specific areas. If you want to know how our professional masters work, which topics are covered and how they can help you to enter the world of work, have a look here. If you want to speak directly with our team, contact us here. We will be happy to solve all your doubts!

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