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Career in the fashion industry: it is possible without experience?

Is working in fashion without experience considered a utopia? In the previous article on Fashion careers of the future, we talked about the numerous figures who are gradually establishing themselves in the sector. Completely new roles and digital evolutions of traditional ones.  So will it be possible in the future to “invent” a profession like that of the fashion blogger?

It is not easy to find an answer to the question, surely to work in the fashion field you need at the same time passion, creativity, and skills learned in the field, for which it is necessary to study. Finding the path that best suits your aspirations and building a career in the fashion industry means following your attitudes and cultivating them with solid and continuous training.

Are you passionate about the fashion system and you can’t wait to work in an atelier or collaborate with a big fashion house, but you don’t have any experience? Read on to discover the precious tips of Milano Fashion Institute to make your dream come true.

Commitment, passion, and dedication are the special ingredients to being successful

The driving force behind looking for a job in fashion is undoubtedly the interest in a fascinating, revolutionary, and luxurious sector. Passion, together with a good creative vein, is therefore the starting point to start looking for small collaborations and internships in which to question one’s skills and collect information.

To get noticed in such a competitive and highly exclusive market, in addition to personal motivation, it is necessary to work on personal branding, to present yourself at your best.  Before proposing an interview, make sure that your Curriculum Vitae has all the credentials to be appreciated. Don’t worry if you don’t have industry experience yet or not many previous job positions to list. Focus on soft skills and customize your CV according to the profession for which you want to promote. Adopt your unique and original tone of voice to write a captivating summary and use related graphics. Fashion companies receive millions of applications: for this reason, they prefer and reward personalities.

Another very important aspect to get you noticed is the creation of the portfolio. The portfolio is the essence of one’s style and one of the main criteria, together with the CV, that dictate whether companies are approved or not. Creative fulfilment is as important as channel choice. It is necessary to know which are the most effective platforms on which to upload the portfolio, in order to obtain high visibility.

If passion is an essential and innate characteristic for those who decide to work in this field, the portfolio and the creative CV are two aspects that mature over time, with a good dose of skills and understanding of their potential. Aspects that are learned by attending specialized courses, are decisive for making your talent blossom and preparing you adequately to work in the fashion system.

Which study paths are the most suitable for you?

While working in the fashion world without any experience can be difficult, with study and commitment, you can build your own path of personal and professional growth to be developed in specialized schools and universities. Milano Fashion Institute is one of the most renowned universities in the sector at an international level. The educational offer explores all areas of expertise relating to the world of fashion and offers students the opportunity to gain experience directly in the field, collaborating and creating projects for the most famous brands. A business card is able to open the doors of the prestigious industries of the sector, without neglecting the possibility, for the most ingenious, to create their own brand.

The study paths are divided into first-level Master and highly qualified short courses. A thoughtful choice that allows students to acquire all the necessary know-how even in a shorter period of time.

This is the case of the study plan designed for the Jewellery Today course. An opportunity for growth for lovers of luxury, who will be able to deepen the many aspects of the jewel. From the principles of marketing and branding to creative workshops, the program, albeit divided into a few months, addresses the entire associated design and sales strategy system.

For those who want to create their own collection of luxurious accessories, in addition to jewellery design, Milano Fashion Institute offers a master’s in Fashion Creation: Accessory Design and Management. A study path of longer duration in which to learn the rules that govern this market, through theoretical notions and methodological laboratories. Shoes, bags, glasses, and watch: you can create any fashion accessory, making it unique.

If you were intrigued by this in-depth study on fashion design and you want to find out more details about our Masters  and Courses, do not hesitate to contact us. We are available to provide you with all the information you need to help you work in the fashion world.

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