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Oct 26, 2017 9:37:02 AM

Choosing your own future: 3 courses to take after graduation

With a high school diploma, an important part of a young man's life ends. However, as this document closes a "season", at the same time it opens the doors to new opportunities. It is time to undertake a new training course and the student will try to choose it according to the personal tastes, the indole and what certainly do not want to do in life. But what happens after graduating from a bachelor's degree? Here the choice of the course becomes more difficult and not always the student knows what to do. In this article we will talk about three possible alternative ways for the studet who is looking for his future.


At the end of compulsory studies, you do not always realize the importance of successive choices in your life. As we have already said, the newly graduated 18-year-old often does his choice with basic criteria, such as "my favorite subject is Italian literature, so I can study letters", or "I love languages, I could start a foreign language course business. So I would get a job. " They are all good thoughts and projects, but they are often incorrect. You can have an idea about your future, you may know for sure what you do not want to do, you can love a certain scope, but nowadays it would be better to focus on more on the structure of the market and the most desirable working environments.

The choice of the short degree is in fact often dictated by impulses and what the student believes he wants from his life. The achievement of this corresponds to a first concrete goal. And then?

At this point there are several possibilities to find employment after three years degree in an effective way:

  • Take the path of the undergraduate degree.
  • Take the path of the professional master.
  • Take a sabbatical year to make new experiences.

Specialized Degree

Specialized degree is the natural completion of Italian university studies. Before the 1999, universities did not give the opportunity to undertake a 3-year undergraduate degree and then complete it with a two-years specialization: study paths lasted on average of five years and were structured in a different way. Currently there are still universities with courses of 5/6 years, while many others have introduced the 3+2 structure. The interesting thing about this division is that at the end of the three years of basic study you have the opportunity to change course or continue on the one already elected.

The course of specialization study has as its main purpose to deepen the subjects studied in the three years and to form the student more specifically: they are essentially two years able to increase their baggage of knowledge in relation to a particular field. What negatively affects this course of study is the timing. The student always tries to shorten the training path to be professionally ready as soon as possible. In fact, companies take very much into consideration at the age of the candidate: the union between young people and high education is preferred by Italian companies (let’s read the article about working and training on our blog), but also international. That's why not always this is the best choice to get into the job world effectively.

Discover Milano Fashion Institute through its students testimonies. Here you  are the Report.

Professionalized Master

The first-level master's degree program, which is preparatory for solid integration into the world of work, is increasingly appreciated by young graduates. This is due to the structure of the same, very different from the structure of the specializing degree. First of all, the time schedules are reduced considerably, as instead of two years of training, the master allows you to conclude the training course usually in one year. With the growing request for talented and up-to-date young people, saving time becomes a necessity for every student. It should also be said that the training that you acquire with a master is much more specific and professional than that given in other educational fields.

The first point is the concentration of studies. Thanks to a full year immersion in the specific field, the student enhances his / her knowledge and enters into the proper framework of reference. In the case of Milano Fashion Institute, the masters refer to well-defined fields in the fashion industry:

Is a highest level training as the courses are held by professionals field and by teachers from important Italian universities. Thanks to their know-how and skills acquired during the years work in the field and the study of the subject, these teachers are able to form a serious, technical and complete student. Upgrading is essential to enter in any business sector, this is why all courses have dropped into reality and follow the trend of the markets and the latest news. Our society is constantly evolving: what was effective ten years ago - in any area - now is no longer, or it is much less. The master is therefore always a step ahead of classical training, as its main purpose is to enter the world of work.

All the masters provide field training through workshops organized by the Institute, involving industry professionals, and internships. At the discretion of the institute, the final internship in the firm may last from three up to six months. Field training is one of the best ways to learn a job: Milano Fashion Institute collaborates with leading fashion companies (Gucci, Vivienne Westwood, Valentino Fashion Group, Moschino, Ralph Lauren among the others) and provides his students the highest standard experiences. The master is therefore a great choice to have a high employment prospect.

The gap year

Coming from abroad, the gap year has been introduced into the common mentality as an alternative to continuing the studies. This is the Italic sabbatical year, seen with diffidence by many Italian parents. The negative connotation attributed to this period, in the common mentality, made this choice very difficult for most students. To justify a stop from studies to start a path of personal growth, discovery and individual experience is not easy, especially if there is not a well-structured plan.

The most formative paths, in our opinion, are:

  • Civilian service: The posts made available by the State for this project increase year by year due to the ever-increasing request. Many disoriented guys about their future work decide to serve in environments close to their educational training. The State provides for a minimum reimbursement of expenses around € 400, enabling the student to arrange for himself during the working period.
  • Volunteering: Many guys decide to serve others with altruism. This choice involves personal and mental growth, as it allows the young person to experience very different environments from those normally encountered. Personal experience is then very positively seen in the job interview.
  • Abroad experience: the young man decides to travel and confront with other cultures than his. This certainly entails an increase in the entrepreneurship, the acquisition of a second language (one year is enough to learn a German or Latin language) and the increase of the skills as a result of your work experience.


The newly graduated student at the three-year course has several ways to go: to continue with the university course, choose a more specific and effective training with the master or allow a personal growth period during the gap year. Before plunging into a new adventure it is crucial to stop for a moment, question what you want to achieve in the future and then carefully consider the alternatives.

That is why Milano Fashion Institute offers an ad hoc counseling service to help the student. For us, awareness is first and foremost.

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