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Nov 20, 2019 10:56:29 AM

Fashion study abroad: 5 tips to be prepared in any situation

Once the University is over, the graduation celebrations are over, you have to take the tough decision and figure out whether to stay in your own city or go abroad.

Well, you are ready for leave your country and go away. Leaving the family, friends, loves, perhaps heading towards a city with a different climate, must be difficult, but if approached correctly, it can instead become a fantastic experience.



Ready to Go!

Probably the typical Milanese student, would be worried about his shirts always well ironed and, as first thing, would put in his suitcase the steam iron. Yes! That would be a real F205. It is a joke!

It must be difficult and at times annoying to change one’s habits, especially if one person has to deal with unknown roommates (maybe even not very polite), arrogant homeowners and, not least, different food. In Italy we have the traditional “pacco da giù”, that is a parcel sent via post whit inside the goodnesses of the city of origin. A typical product always present in this type of package is the Parmesan, followed by a good tomato sauce, made perhaps with the hands of the grandmother.

In this case, the ideal would be to have a roommate who receives these delights at least once a month, so to organize together excellent dinners.

Anyway, you decided to leave because you got into that beautiful Institution you always wanted to attend. Your future is forming and for the first time you’re not seeing it too far away. You have decided to build a life away from home, think about yourself and start a new life. You’ll be coming home for Christmas parties and cousins’ weddings, which, you’ll never believe, they will grow.


How to make this an unforgettable adventure?


Firstly, you’ll have to think hard about the city of your dreams. The city where you always wanted to live and you imagine it is a city where the fashion world is well established, maybe a European capital famous for its boutiques and fashion shows. It will certainly have to be a city that can give you a lot both from the point of view of study and work.

Send the application. You were chosen as the best student!

If you want to learn more about it, schedule a call with us. We can provide  you with all the answer you need.


Once you have found the right city for you, and after being accepted to attend the master’s degree,  you will have to go in deep into the city and understand well in which area you would like to live.

Would you like to live in the city center or in the suburbs? Would you prefer to live where “people never sleep” or where silence reigns supreme? Milan, for example, has a very large central area, rich in magnificent areas, full of life and at the same time silent. There are beautiful views and corners that are often immortalized in postcards. Milan also has very popular suburban areas, where all cultures meet, making us always feel at home, always close and always alive. Milan, like other study destinations, is a city full of souls intertwined like a fantastic Persian rug. Perhaps it would be better to say this as if we were talking about something in Milan: so many people creamed together like a good risotto.



After having decided the area, you’ll need to understand if you want to be alone or share the accommodation with roommates. If you choose to live with other people, the choice will be made “in a closed box”, in the sense that you will never be able to understand who really lives on the other side of the wall. However, it could also be nice to live with people who also study their fashion.

Did you ask the Institute if the admission office has a room agreement or maybe a campus?



After having thought of everything concerning your transfer, we will have to think about the future, that is: will the course of studies you are going to undertake provide you an internship? It is very important for a master to have an internship in his educational path, because it could be the beginning of your trip: a beautiful working launch pad.



The last but the most important: have fun! Always try to have a smile on your face, get to know more people than you can, never stop learning. Remember: this adventure can change your life for the better. Try to see every problem as a pin and you have to do strike, you have to knock them all down!

Our Institute follows foreign students from the beginning, from when they send the application to the final internship, and our masters provide at least a three-month internship in one of the most important fashion companies.

We try in every way to help the student in the insertion of the working world, mainly linked to the theme of fashion but also business, design and communication.


If you are interested, Milan and Milano Fashion Institute are waiting. Do not hesitate to contact us!

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