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Nov 10, 2017 10:35:09 AM

Postgraduate Master: Is It Worth aiming To The Fashion Industry?

It is said that the economic crisis, which crashed in 2008, is under renovation. The level of youth unemployment is decreasing, while staff demand in companies increases. Despite the partial demand / supply adjustment in the world of work, young graduates are still struggling to find employment in line with their studies. That's why it's worth taking into account a change of course and approaching the fashion world.


Fashion has always influenced not only a person's look but also his lifestyle and his way of rapporting with the others.

From the elite phenomenon of passed years to popular success today, fashion is an industry followed by millions of people who speak, tell, share and wear clothing from the major international fashion brands. The times of ideation and creation of collections have also changed, and this is also due to the coming of Internet and Social Media. Thanks to the search speed and receiving information, fashion has started to develop quickly through the most popular online channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, among the others. Always at the level of disclosure, figures have been able to canalise interest in the specific sector only with their online influence: the Fashion Bloggers, i.e. fashion enthusiasts who have built a name and a reputation as a guru and fashion expert. All these changes have led Fashion Industry to become even more of the most interesting sectors in which to work.

The professions in the field of fashion are many and touch very different fields. The most sought after, according to statistics, is no longer the stylist but the Marketing Manager.

Yes, it's worth investing in the fashion industry

If you are unable to find a job in any way, after having graduated, you might consider an alternative way to your professional career (let's take an example of this in the article "Degree in Law and master in fashion? That's why you can do it "). The Master is a comprehensive alternative and able to provide the student with many of the skills that companies in the specific field are looking for. In our case, the industry is one of the most profitable and companies are always looking for new professional figures to be included in their organization.

Thanks to the skills and knowledge acquired during a one-year master's degree, the student will be able to bridge the gap between the world of work and training, becoming part of a growing world.

The Made in Italy of clothing has a very positive connotation and a history that denotes quality, professionalism and innovation. In support of this statement we brought some data extrapolated directly from the website of Confartigianato:

  • The fashion sector has a business volume of 3% of total Italian companies
  • Employees in this area are 314 and are constantly increasing
  • With 1 billion, Italy remains the first exporting country in the Fashion sector of the European Union
  • The regions with greatest benefits in this area are: Tuscany, Veneto, Marche, Emilia Romagna, Piedmont and Lombardy
  • The demand for Made in Italy products abroad grew by 1%
  • In seven of the most active regions in the fashion sector, exports grew at an average higher rate: in Abruzzo (10.1%), in Lazio (7.5%), in Lombardy (6.1%), in Friuli-Venezia Giulia (5.1%), in Apulia (3.8%), in Emilia-Romagna (3.2%) and in Umbria (3.1%)

 Discover Milano Fashion Institute through its students testimonies. Here you  are the Report.

How do you work in Fashion?

The best and quickest way to change the course and head to a profession in the Fashion Industry is to attend a professional master. The most sought-after jobs in this area are without a doubt the most technical ones and that provide discipline, commitment, responsibility and steady nerves.

The possibility of personal and professional growth is concrete, as is the recruitment after a period in which the resource tries his own worth, the skills acquired during the master and his capability. For this reason, Milano Fashion Institute puts a long-term Intership in the major Italian and international fashion companies: to professionalize students and to show them all the internal mechanisms of a prestigious company in the industry.

It is useless saying that the most sought-after professions are those of a certain level and that provide a great value to the company that decides to acquire them. For this reason, our institute has focused the attention on certain professional figures: to provide the student with a high quality job.

The main master courses offered by the Milano Fashion Institute are:

However, other deepening courses are also provided, which are named Executive Courses and are designed to give the student specific ideas for inclusion in a particular field of work, always within the fashion industry. Courses deal with different and very specific topics:

  • New Sustainable Fashion: a journey into sustainable fashion, as this is an ever-expanding and ever-growing field. The sustainability of the production and processing of the materials themselves is fundamental to the modern market and Fashion Industry is adapting to these needs.
  • Fashion Law: In this course the student becomes aware of the legislative mechanisms proper to the fashion industry.
  • The Italian System. From fashion to design: This course allows the student to know better about the Italian fashion market and how it works.
  • Digital communication for fashion: nowadays communication and online promotion is crucial to the success of a company. In this course the student will be acquainted with the main methods of digital communication, always in fashion.

To conclude ...

Companies that are part of the fashion industry are a very important part of the Italian market. Ignoring the job opportunity they offer means not considering the possibility of growing professionally and having a stable and fulfilling job.

We at Milano Fashion Institute are proud to have contributed to the professional and economic success of our students with dedicated masters and courses.

If you want to know more about their experience, download the testimonial document of our students below, otherwise contact us. We are available for any inquiry and information requests.

Testimonianze studenti MFI