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Jun 26, 2023 4:19:48 PM

Studying Fashion in Italy: the best postgraduate courses and masters


Since the 50s, Italy has been an ambassador in the world of good taste, refinement, craftsmanship and innovation. It is no coincidence, in fact, that some of the biggest brands have their roots in the long sartorial tradition and in the unmistakable quality of Made in Italy.

When you think of the big names in fashion, it is therefore natural to associate the image of the main Italian shopping streets with luxury shops with attractive design. Among these, how can Milan be missing, which, together with Paris, New York and London, represents one of the Big Four among the fashion capitals in the world?

International, avant-garde and dynamic, Milan is therefore the ideal Italian city to undertake a high-level course of study in the fashion world. Milano Fashion Institute is the school dedicated to post-graduate training to learn transversal skills and knowledge that can be spent in one's future work: continue reading the article to discover the proposal of Masters and Courses to choose from.

What path to take to study fashion in Italy?

The figures that gravitate around the world of fashion are numerous: in other articles we have deepened that of the fashion manager and the fashion lawyer but building one's career can be really difficult without support and, above all, adequate preparation.

For this reason, in Milano Fashion Institute, all the Masters present, in addition to the traditional hours of classroom training, a series of laboratory activities useful for the student to learn skills and to understand if the chosen path is really the right one.

Below you will find the all of the Masters and a brief description of them:

  1. 1. The Master in Fashion Direction: Brand & Product Management is aimed at students interested in multidisciplinary learning for innovative and original brand management. Here, design, project management and communication come together to provide a preparation as complete and, at the same time, creative as possible.
  3. 2. The Master in Fashion Direction: Brand & Luxury Management is designed for those who want to deepen all aspects of luxury, from product design to their communication. A Master that places the enhancement of quality and customer experience the key to opening up to the future.
  5. 3. In the Master in Fashion Direction: Brand & Business Management you will learn the logic to achieve quality customer care and, at the same time, simple and linear. You will thus be able to create tailor-made strategies to guarantee customers the highest degree of satisfaction and the structuring of an orderly and effective team.
  7. 4. The Master in Fashion Direction: Brand & Communication Management is aimed at training figures who know how to interpret and communicate the tone of voice and identity of a brand on different channels and platforms. Fashion houses are increasingly looking for flexible figures able to analyze and communicate creatively the change that invests the fashion industry every day.
  9. 5. The Master in Fashion Direction: Brand & Sustainability Management aims to train specialists who are able to revolutionize the processes and logics of the sector through a green and responsible approach. It is a unique Master of its kind in which you can compare yourself with some of the most important brands in the sector to reflect on strategies that can really make a difference.
  11. 6. In the Master in Fashion Direction: Fashion Design & Management the practical aspect is what will allow you to learn all the secrets of the design and implementation of Ready To Wear and accessories, distinctive features of fashion brands. During the workshops, designers of caliber will guide you through the entire management process to create creations with a strong personal imprint.

Milano Fashion Institute: 2 courses to increase your skills

The educational offer of Milano Fashion Institute wants to be as transversal as possible: for this reason, in addition to the Masters, we recommend our short courses that, through the analysis of case studies and examples, will allow you to deepen directly the issues of Fashion Law and New Sustainability Fashion.

Italy is therefore the ideal destination if you want to start a career in the fashion world: Milan, in particular, in addition to offering an international and high-level training proposal, is the city where you can get to know and get in touch with the main players and fashion brands.

So have you decided to study fashion in Italy but you don't know how to choose the Master or the Course that best suits your inclinations and passions? Milano Fashion Institute has a team of totally dedicated tutors: do not hesitate to contact us for any doubt or simple curiosity.

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